Dina Lohan to Star in Reality Show

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Dina Lohan is perceived to be an attention-starved, money-hungry woman who cares more about making headlines then taking care of her children.

But, don't worry, the mother of Lindsay and Ali Lohan has a plan to alter this image: she's starring in a new reality show.

According to People magazine, filming is set to begin October 30 on the untitled E! reality TV series primarily featuring Dina and her youngest daughter.

"There are so many misconceptions about me and my family," said Dina. "I'm setting the record straight."

Meanwhile, the following quote is so inappropriate and misguided, it hurts our fingers to type it - but the Lohan matriarch said she wants the show to empower single mothers, as it illustrates her own life as a working mom.

"It's about empowering women to be successful single mothers. About being in the limelight without compromising motherhood. It's about what I do, how you can be successful, and be a single mom and fulfilling your kids' dreams. Working is my sole source of income."

Hey, Dina: your kid is an alcoholic cocaine addict who's had an incomprehensible number of sexual partners for someone her age.

Guess that was Lindsay's dream. Way to be a successful single mom!

Most of all, Dina says, "We want it just to be real."

So viewers can look forward to drunk driving accidents, tons of promiscuity and terrible mothering. That does make it sound more entertaining than the new Kim Kardashian reality show, at least.


Is anyone else watching this show?? I actually really like it..it seems like they are a pretty normal family outside of the celebrity world and I actually think they are pretty funny!!


i like lindsay lohan even after everything that's happened and i happen to know that her mother isn't that bad (I once met lindsay and dina in L.A. they were shopping but me and my friend asked for autographs and luckily they were nice enough to oblige.) but this reality show thing....i hope it isn't true. they're not such a bad family so i think dina should act smart and not do reality tv because it could possibly screw the family up even more.


People, please. Give it a chance, It might just be very entertaining, and answer a few questions as to why Lindsay is the way she is. Or maybe not. Kids don't always grow up to be the way you parent them. I would like to see where the Lohans are in 10 years., given all the media attention they have gotten and still get.


mama lohan is a joke!!!


The sad truth is that the Dina Lohan show will make money for the show's producers, and in Hollywood that's all that matters. It will run for sixteen weeks and it will get an audience - the same people who gawk at car accidents, but an audience nonetheless. Dina will satisfy her determination to be a media whore, and she will be a big fish in her very small pond. Unfortunately, in today's niche entertainment marketplace, a Dina Lohan show is a no-brainer. What's really sad is that in Hollywood, you can get very rich and have zero talent. All you need to be is a celebrity, and how you get to be a celebrity is totally irrelevent. The watershed event was the Paris Hilton sex tape, which proved that the public craves entertainment and refuses to pass judgment on the source.


This is disgusting. I'm not going to watch this trash. A mother fulfilling her kids' dreams? I thought kids were supposed to grow up and work to make their own dreams come true.


Im in Iraq, and believe me, the idea of giving this D-List tramp a show of her own, is as big a mistake as putting Al Sharpton in the White House. But, we're not surprised. Given that Hollywood believes it is well versed in international affairs, ie. actors stepping in front of a camera to give their views on politics (pause..laugh here)...why not put Mrs. or Miss Lohan on a pedastal. Perhaps she too will soon believe she has enough intelligence to preach world politics to those of us who actually live it day in and day out. You people make me want to vomit.


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