Beyonce Knowles Wigs Out

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Here's some advice for Jennifer Hudson:

The next time Beyonce calls you overweight, just respond with: At least I don't wear a wig! Then, snap your fingers a few times, swivel your head and walk away.

Obsessed Star

Indeed, the possible finacee of Jay-Z has set herself up for such a comeback after she was either caught wearing a wig recently ... or having some sort of funky skin condition.

Either way, this isn't the most crowd-pleasing Beyonce picture of all time. But it could be worse.

The singer could look like Rip Torn.


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i think beyonce is wrong for calling jenifer fat and i think big women are just as pretty as any bodie else don't hate beyonce cause you ain't all that your self hun and you also need to quit acting like you all that because your not and you could be less fortune again in your to one day never forget where you came from and what da hell blue ivy what a lame ass name to give da babie but you wanna talk about jenifer you mad cause she have a more stronger voice then you do but that snobbie and nasty ways you have ain't gon cut it girlie tootles


This shit is wack mah.i watch this shit everyday mah


dont be mean to beonce


what the heck is that??? eeeeewwwwwwwwwww


Nam, White celebrities where wigs and extensions too. And yes, there are some "black" people who grow thier hair out. Don't believe me? Checkk out Long Hair Care Forum.


she is black so of course she cannot have hair like that. She wears lace wigs


o rosto da byonce ta feio pra caranba


90% of all comments on this page are unreadable because all anyone does all day is sit on the damn internet and stalk Beyonce' and her wigs. Who gives a crap about it? Leave her alone. She is a good singer, that's all that matters.


....I am speachles....


hey she only does it because she has weird hair like a weird texture so guys dont be hater ok