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In a protest over fur, Pamela Anderson stripped down to her panties in the window of Stella McCartney's London boutique Wednesday.

In the window, in plain view of passers-by and media, she posted a banner proclaiming "I'd rather bare skin than wear skin."

Please Retire

When asked if there's a need to name and shame celebrities who wear fur, the stacked Stacked star did not hesitate, taking no prisoners among fellow stars.

"I don't think that's glamorous at all... especially the ones that are starting to put them [fur] in their clothing lines like J. Lo and Beyoncé. It's really important for them to be conscious of what they wear, especially as they're fashion icons."

Beyoncé, as many know, loves her fur. The singer was recently confronted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) at a swanky restaurant in New York. Beyoncé was asked by activists why she thinks it's okay for cute, defenseless animals to die for her vanity. She was not happy.

Anderson is a longtime advocate for animal rights, and an active member of PETA. For her campaign against fur and other campaigns for animal rights, Pam was given the group's first Linda McCartney Memorial Award, named for the late wife of Sir Paul McCartney, an avid animal rights supporter.

Paul McCartney's second wife, the beleaguered Heather Mills, is also an animal rights activist. And, depending on what you read, a former hooker and/or porn star.

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie pictures cause more than a stir within the gossip mill - they can cause legal action to be taken. Follow along as we relay this confounding, astounding story ...

Reports state the FBI and Massachusetts authorities raided a Westfield, MA home Tuesday night and seized photos of a baby shower held by Brangelina.

Ange J.

The bizarre story starts in Namibia, where the shower was thrown. James Haven, Jolie's scary brother, took a number of pictures of the couple celebrating the birth of Shiloh. When he returned to L.A., his camera brokem so he took it to Best Buy and asked them to fix it under the warranty.

The store sent the camera to Precision Camera and Video Repair in Enfield, Connecticut. Makes sense, right?

At Precision, sources claim two employees, Bill Keyes and Adam Beckwith, discovered the pictures and Beckwith went ahead downloading them. After that - according to Keyes' mother, Madelon - her 36-year-old son was excited, showed her the pictures and sent an email to someone in California. Was this email an attempt tp sale the photos?.

"I don't think he would do something like that," Madelon said.

However, a sergeant from the Westfield Police Department confirmed that authorities searched Keyes' home and seized his computer. The sergeant also said a search warrant was executed at Precision Camera and Video Repair, where the actual camera that took the pictures was also taken.

Neither Keyes or Beckwith were arrested and the case is now in the hands of the LA County District Attorney. The sergeant says neither man violated Massachusetts law, but California laws are different.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney had no comment because the investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed. The Gossip, however, has something to say:

This story makes Lil Kim look normal.

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Keira Knightley shares a passionate kiss with Johnny Depp in the upcoming, highly-anticipated Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, but for one them, the experience was unbelievably awkward.

Depp, who plays the affable and off-the-wall Capt. Jack Sparrow, believes any film kiss is bound to be uncomfortable to shoot, but considered this one more so than most.

  • Scraggly Depp
  • Keira Knightley Picture

"Any kind of scene like that whenever you're doing that sort of thing, it's always unbelievably awkward especially having met Keira when she was 17 years old," Depp said. "But regardless of that it's always awkward so you kind of just make light of it; she was a good sport and we just kid of did what we had to do, that's the gig."

Keira was a good sport too, of course, considering most 21-year old women like her would love to be in the same situation.

"I couldn't ask for a better kissing scene with Johnny Depp actually, I think my 14-year old self was yelping with pleasure," she said. "It was fantastic! What more can a girl ask for? I've got Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom and I get to kiss both of them. It's wonderful!"

Knightley won't reveal whether this infamous lip-lock will interfere with the relationship her character, Elizabeth Swann, has with Orlando's Will Turner. Bloom has also stated, stunningly, that he has enjoyed smooching Keira throughout the Pirates trilogy.

"It's not an ordinary kiss, it's a kiss with a twist, which is great," she said.

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Perhaps the counter-culture bad girl of pop has a soft side after all. Alecia Moore, the oddball singer better known as Pink (left), shocked fans at a show last night by dedicating a song to beleaguered pop star Britney Spears.

Pink, who performed in front of a sold-out crowd at hotspot Avalon in L.A., dedicated "Don't Let Me Get Me" to Spears.

  • Almost Nude
  • Distraught Britney Spears

The star, who makes a living on stirring up trouble and has made headlines in the past for clowning on Jessica Simpson and other ditzy pop figures, told the audience she has always loved Spears -- and wanted "everyone to send her some good energy and love, because she could use it right now."

Spears has recently been criticized for her bad mothering skills, marrying a deadbeat freeloader, and looking like a human train wreck on Dateline NBC.

Just as all that was blowing over, critics returned in force this week as Harper's Bazaar released its forthcoming Britney Spears nude photo gallery (below). Pink did not comment on whether she approved of the pictures, which some have called hot, others believe are tasteful, and others still have derided as inappropriate.

Regardless of her views on that issue, this was certainly a nice gesture on the part of Pink, and the sellout crowd reportedly reacted by cheering and breaking out in loud bouts of laughter. It's good too see that Pink doesn't consider Britney a "Stupid Girl" in spite of all she's been though. Friends need friends at times like these!

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He may be a handsome, tough elf, but there's one thing Orlando Bloom can't claim to be: Superman.

The British hunk fears he can't compete with girlfriend Kate Bosworth's latest onscreen flame, perhaps because he lacks X-ray vision and a shiny red cape.

Orlando Bloom Photograph

Bosworth plays Lois Lane in new Superman Returns. As such, she's often canoodling is on screen cuddling with co-star Brandon Routh's Man Of Steel.

But The Pirates Of The Caribbean star is philosophical about their sizzling chemistry, admitting there's no point suffering pangs of envy.

He Bloom put it: "Jealous? Are you kidding? He's Superman. I'm just a pirate."

At least Orlando is on his way up. In the first movie, he was mostly just a blacksmith.

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Wait, Lindsay Lohan isn't 20 yet?!? Then we sincerely hope her recent partying has been catered by Mott's Apple Juice.

Dressed 2 Impress

The incredibly thin diva turns 20 on Sunday, but has no plans on sharing the celebrating with the public. That selfish skank.

"I'm going to go away, out of the country," she told Harper's Bazaar in the magazine's July cover story. "Do something fun and different. They won't find me."

If that's Lohan's goal, all she has to do is turn sideways.

Lindsay said the Caribbean is her preferred spot to dodge photographers.

"No one can get a picture of you on Turks and Caicos [Islands]. I go there with my family, and it's the perfect place to go with a guy."

Sure. You can spend quality time on a hammock with mom or on your back with your latest boy toy. Lohan would know about both.

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This is the world of Mariah. The land of scatter-brained Britney. Of tabloid favorite Jessica. Of no-good, awful, disgusting, bitchy, talentless and whorish Paris-ites.

All of which makes an anti-diva such as Kelly Clarkson appealing. The down-home girl-next-door is on the Entertainment Weekly "Must List" â€" people in the entertainment world you simply must like and keep your eyes on â€" in this week's issue. Below, the first-ever American Idol champ shares her thoughts on concerts, vanity and future projects…

The Original American Idol

On her least favorite part of "work":
"Photo shoots are the least favorite part of my job. Photographers ask me if I want to look at pictures of myself and I'm like, ‘Dude, why would I want to look at these photos? I'm not that vain.'"
On what she likes about her live performances:
"The Bridge of ‘Addicted.' It sounds like a scary part of a horror movie, when you know something bad is going to happen. The first part of it is real intense and then I just full-on belt it out. I live for that!"

On some of the new songs she's recording:
"I have 40 songs for my next record. I don't stop writing. There is one called ‘Yeah.' It's very tour friendly and has an easy hook. It's kind of Prince-ish and Sly & the Family Stone."

On her own idol, of sorts:
"Oh my God, you know no idea. I'm in love with Patti Griffith. I got to meet her and acted like an idiot. I was like, ‘You are so great, but I'm not going to stay very long because otherwise I'm going to say something stupid."

Kelly will be back in the studio starting in August, after her 24-city tour winds down. Her new album is scheduled for a February 2007 release.

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Forget being patriotic this Independence Day; be Kim-triotic instead!

On Monday, a day before the nation's birthday, rapper Lil Kim will be released from prison. She's spent the last ten months serving a 366-day sentence for federal perjury, but is being let out early for good behavior.

Lil Kim Mug Shots

"I am thrilled to be coming home," Kim said in a statement. "I thank all my fans for all their letters, as well as my family and friends for all their support throughout the past 10 months."

Mr. Rad could not be reached for comment.

Rumors of this news have been making the rounds since Tuesday's BET Awards, where the rapper's mother told reporters she expected her daughter to be released in the coming days. Now, Kimberly Jones is scheduled to leave Philadelphia Federal Detention Center on Monday at 6 a.m. She'll remain under house arrest for a 30-day period after that.

"We are pleased that Kim is coming home to start the next phase of her life," Kim's attorney, L. Londell McMillan, said in a statement. "She has accepted responsibility and handled herself in an exemplary manner."

DMX could learn a thing or two from her.

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Eva, Nicole, Nicole, Eva. Tony, Keith. Keith, Tony ...

Now that introductions are over with, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban (aka, "Kurban") can carry on with their honeymoon, while Tony Parker and Eva Longoria can carry on with being young and beautiful.

  • Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
  • Tony and Wife

Longoria and the San Antonio Spurs star, Parker, accidently crashed Kurban's honeymoon in Bora Bora this week. Just minutes after the newlyweds landed, the flight of this hot couple also touched down in the city.

The couples are staying just steps away from one another in a pair of waterside villas along the boardwalk at the St. Regis resort. As a result, staff members on jet skis are regularly patrolling the perimeter of the resort as a security measure.

Rumors are also swirling that Parker may be popping a certain question to Longoria during this soiree. Perhaps the sight of a content Kurban will inspire the basketball star to drain the biggest jump shot of his life. Figuratively speaking.

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We may have been a bit premature in announcing the date, but the fact remains: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey will soon make their divorce official.

In court documents made available today, Simpson and Lachey have asked the court to appoint a retired judge, Judge Dana Senit Henry, to preside over the proceedings.

  • Wait... What?
  • Hot Nick Lachey Pic

The former MTV Newlyweds are asking to "bifurcate" the case, meaning the divorce can become final and the parties can then deal with the complicated financial matters afterward.

Neither has wasted much time moving on personally. Lachey has canoodled with every pair of legs in Hollywood, now appearing to have settled, once again, on Vanessa Minnillo.
Simpson has bit a bit quieter in her dating life, but rumors are circulating that she and future co-star, Dane Cook, have been sharing a lot more than laughs recently.

In court, the papers require a "sign off" from the presiding judge before it becomes official. Senit Henry is on vacation until next week, but after he signs it, the judge is expected to issue the divorce decree immediately.

Then, The Gossip can truly believe we have a chance with Jessica every time we view her new video.

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