This Great Dane Can't Wait to Be a Big Brother

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As we've helped make clear over the past several months, Great Danes are great pets for a number of reasons.

To wit:

FIRST, they're stubborn, very clearly aware of which is their favorite toy and unafraid to let their owner know it.

SECOND, they're loyal, refusing to part with a stuffed animal once they've established a close relationship with him or her.

THIRD, they're really good at helping their owners make exciting baby announcements. Yes, you read that correctly.

Such is the case in the following video, as an expecting mother and an expecting father found a unique way to drop a precious bombshell on their loved ones.

They sat down their relatives on a sofa and told them to sit back and watch a cute video starring their dog. And that's exactly what they witnessed at first, as the Great Dane adorably helped cleaned the house.

He used a vacuum, he swept up the floor, he showed off some unexpected skills.

But then a few words came across the screen and then an ultrasound (!!!!!!) came across the screen and then the news was out there:

The couple is having a baby! They are gonna be aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents! Hooray!

Watch how they present this miraculous piece of information and watch their loved one react with joy now.

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