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What would you do if you saw a man and woman drop their pants and just start going at it in public?

Like, if the woman were sitting on a bench and the man were standing in front of her? 

Just thrusting away? Total penetration going on? No cares or apparent worries about who might be wandering by and see them in full porking action?

These were more than just hypothetical questions for residents and tourists in Barcelona, Spain earlier this week because an unnamed man and his unnamed partner really did go at it in public.

We’re not kidding. 

You can see the NSFW action for yourself in the video below.

According to The Huffington Post, this incomprehensible action took place on Saturday.

As you can see, some folks walked by the nearly-naked twosome, oblivious to what they were doing.

Others walked by and were quite aware of what was going on.

And one person, of course, stopped and filmed the unexpected railing.

Authorities in Spain are supposedly trying to track the couple down because it’s illegal to fornicate in public and they could face incivility charges, an official told El Huffington Post.

This could be the case even if they were just pretending to have sex.

Which seems silly, right? Once you’re going as far as these two are going, you might as well complete the deal, don’t you think?

Who would have guessed that Jared Fogle would only be the second biggest sex offender related to Subway, huh?

You’re right. We take that back. He’s still the biggest.

But go ahead and watch this racy, ridiculous sex video for yourself… if you dare: