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On the scale of mean pranks, it may not get any worse than pretending to blow up your three-year old son.

Heck, not even any of these over-the-top pranks can compete with that dastardly maneuver.

But Kip Smith, an animal handler who works for a company called Wildlife Encounters, still deserves some recognition.

Smith recently appeared on The Morning Blend, a talk show that airs in Omaha, Nebraska, and he brought a friend with him. If anyone can really be "friends" with a skunk, that is.

About three minutes into the clip featured here, Smith used a hidden water bottle to trick hosts Mike DiGiacomo and Mary Nelson into thinking they were sprayed by the animal.

Which would be just about the grossest thing that could ever happy to anyone.

Check out the funny sneak peek now and take special note of DiGiacomo’s reaction. It’s safe to say he wasn’t amused.