McKayla Maroney Butt Video Prompts Implant Rumors, Controversy

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McKalyla Maroney won an individual silver medal at the London Olympics, but when it comes to gaining the Internet's attention.

The 21-year-old gymnast deserves gold. ALL the gold.

McKayla Maroney Bikini Image

Maroney became a meme in 2012 after she memorably made her displeasure with the judges' scores known with the smirk of a lifetime.

Perhaps realizing that online fame is worth more than any medal, the California native skipped the 2016 games to focus on her true talent:

Making jaws drop all over social media.

These days, she's trying to launch a career as a pop singer, which initially may sound crazy, but really isn't if you think about it.

While we've yet to hear her sing a note, we're thinking she might have a bright future thanks to her talent for self-promotion.

McKayla's curves have been the talk of Instagram before, and far from shying away from attention, she encourages fans to get their ogle on.

Over the weekend, the brunette beauty posted a video that had many fans wondering if she had been hacked ... for obvious reasons.

McKayla Maroney Butt

Yes, that is a screen shot from the video.

The clip below shows McKayla doing some cavorting in front of her bedroom mirror - and she's not leaving all that much to the imagination.

Well, she's likely making imaginations go wild in a different way at the same time, but we're guessing you know what we meant there.

But while it's the kind of footage that on would normally see released as part of The Fappening, McKayla says she posted it herself:

"I didn't get hacked. unfollow if u need to."

She concluded by sending "all love."

McKayla Maroney Butt Image

We have got nothing but love, we assure you.

The video has sparked another round of McKayla Maroney implant rumors, but this time - the suspicious lady lumps are 'round back.

Is there really something amiss here, though?

McKayla was in high school when she first captured international attention. It's not a foreign concept that her body changed in five years.

Nor are those curves she's sporting on either the front or the back out of the ordinary. If anything, they're refreshingly, beautifully ... normal.

Check out the racy video and see for yourself:

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