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In this Keeping Up With The Kardashians sneak peek, we’re finally taking a break from the ongoing Kourtney drama.

As you can see in this clip, Kris Jenner is totally out of her element … as her daughters pressure her to be nice to random strangers.

Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian Taste Sweet Wine

Kris Jenner brought her daughters to a wine-tasting in Napa, which is a sensible place to hold tha tkind of event.

Kim and Khloe marvel over how sweet a wine is.

(That’s the only good way for wine to be)

But there’s a shift from the otherwise boring conversation when the Kardashians spy a woman wearing a gorgeous Chanel beret.

Khloe bombards the woman with compliments, to the woman’s delight.

She is right to bestow compliments — managing to look good in orange at all is something of a small miracle.

Noting how compliments from strangers and especially from celebrity strangers make people feel good, they offer a suggestion to Kris.

She should compliment random strangers from whom she has nothing whatsoever to gain.

Photo via E!

Acting upon the dare, Kris compliments a beautiful young woman.

Kris lets out an audible "oh" as the friendly young woman gives her a hug.

It’s exciting to meet celebrities.

It’s even more exciting when they are the ones who initiate contact.

Kris (shadily) compliment’s a man’s outfit and ends up taking a puff of a cigarette, which is deeply gross.

She takes only the one puff and laments that she is going to get into trouble with her family.

Good. Peer pressure and shaming can be useful tools against people who make thier nicotine habit everyone else’s problem.

To be clear, Kris does not, but it looks like there’s a considerable amount of family pressure keeping it that way.

Kris then retaliates against her adult daughters by issuing a dare of her own.

She dares Khloe and Kourtney

This leads to the sisters accidentally offering wine to a minor.

In their defense … they’re at a wine-tasting in Napa. It was a fair assumption.

As you can see from viewing the clip yourself, it looks like moments of egging each other on may have been edited out.

That is no real surprise. Not everyone is willing to speak to strangers.

And those that are would probably want for any reluctance to be edited out before it’s broadcast.

It’s important to remember that each of these women has veto power over filmed content on the show.

And where was Kim during all of this friendly conversation with strangers?

She was on her phone on the comfy looking seats.

When challenged, Kim explains that her "dare" was attending a wine-tasting in the first place.

Kimberly is not especially big on alcohol, folks.

It sounds like multiple glass items were shattered as these women in long coats made their way around the table.

Yes, there are people there whose entire job involves cleaning up after rich lush visitors who do exactly that.

But any customer should work on making people’s jobs easier, not harder.

Still, it’s an entertaining clip, and it’s our hope that the attendants were tipped well for their trouble.