Khloe Kardashian: Rob is FINALLY Taking His Health Seriously!

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Khloe Kardashian made an appearance on Good Morning America today, and while she cleverly dodged questions about whether or not she would ever get back together with Lamar Odom, she did open up about Rob Kardashian's recent health struggles.

As you may have heard, Rob was diagnosed with diabetes after being rushed to the hospital last month. Khloe

“He’s doing good!” Khloe told GMA‘s Lara Spencer.

“Yeah, he had a health scare. He got out [of the hospital] before the New Year. I was like, ‘OK. Let’s leave all that stuff then. Listen, you found out what the problem is. Let’s tackle it head-on.'

“Everything happens for a reason, so that health scare? If that’s gonna shake him up a little bit, and jump start his health journey, then great. I’m right here for him.”

Asked about rumors that Rob is continuing to engage in the sort of risky behavior that nearly landed him in a coma, Khloe replied:

“He’s taking [his recovery] seriously. Yeah, we’re only 13 days into the New Year, but that’s good enough for me.”

Khloe lives with her her younger brother, and in the past, she's been accused of enabling Rob, so it means a lot to hear her say that he's on the mend.

In fact, there's probably no greater authority on Rob's physical and mental other than Rob himself.

As he seems to have no interest in returning to the spotlight any time soon, Khloe may have to serve as the world's Rob liaison for the foreseeable future.

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