Kendra and Joe Duggar Parent-Shamed for Endangering Son

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Just recently, Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell were accused of endangering their infant daughter. This time, it's their young son's turn.

As they shared otherwise precious moments, even their most adoring fans notices that they were being a little reckless with Garrett.

Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell at the Playground

Joe and Kendra took to their Instagram (yes, one of those creepy shared accounts) to give a life update.

"Sunny, warm days are for the park," the caption begins.

"And," the post adds, "for running off all that energy!"

While Addison is just a few months old and too little to be running at all, we're sure that Garrett is doing plenty of that. 

Joe Duggar Swings with Little Garrett Duggar

A lot of the photos are so cute and precious.

Swinging on swings -- with a little help -- is such a rush, especially when you're a little kid.

Playground experiences can become part of lasting memories for life, even when you are very little.

But one thing about Garrett had fans downright concerned.

The video shows Garrett climbing on playground equipment ... with his shoelaces dangling precariously.

"Tie the kid’s shoes.....he will fall and could get hurt. Not very smart," one commenter admonishes.

Another demands: "[Tie his] shoes."

One might dismiss these as comments from mean-spirited, nitpicky fans.

Kendra Caldwell Kisses Baby Addison Renee Duggar

However, even some of the couple's most adoring followers were worried, too.

"You are are Wounderful parents!" another, gentler comment begins.

The comment continues: "But you do need to tie his shoes! Better safe [than] sorry!"

"Very cute!" another fan praises, adding: "Tie his shoes."

Garrett Duggar Image

Why is this a big deal?

For one thing, as a toddler, Garrett can't very well tie his own shoes, can he?

But the issue, the risk, is that tiny, uncoordinated little humans can so easily trip.

They're still new to, well, existing.

Garrett Duggar and Addison Duggar

Toddlers are not only prone to tripping, especially on something as tricky as a shoelace, but it could be worse for them.

Poor, untrained reflexes combined with a lack of upper body strength and arm length makes falls worse.

Worst of all, toddlers and their proportionately gigantic heads should avoid any injuries whatsoever.

A lot of people who have tiny facial scars got them from falls born of juvenile clumsiness.

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar Together

We're not, of course, making fun of toddlers or blaming Garrett for any potential injuries that might arise, just stating the facts.

(I myself have a small scar near my nose from an injury that I don't remember getting at about Garrett's age!)

If Garrett does trip on an untied or poorly tied shoelace and hit his precious baby face on a piece of playground metal, it's not his fault.

But, as these comments -- both hostile and friendly alike -- imply, it would be Kendra and Joe's faults. They're his parents.

Kendra and Joe Duggar's Little Fam

Is this a huge deal? No.

Neglecting to notice an untied shoe isn't impressive.

But it's not on the same level as, say, the physical abuse that Joe and his siblings grew up with in Jim Bob and Michelle's house of horrors.

This is something that Joe and Kendra need to hear from their fans, though, so that they can learn to do better.

In their defense, Joe is 25. Kendra is only 21.

At their ages, they should be living their lives and dating, possibly considering something as serious as an engagement.

Instead, they are married parents of two young children.

When your fundamentalist cult upbringing pushes you to grow up too quickly, you haven't finished learning all that you need for life.

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