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Altogether now: She bangs! She bangs!

And we don’t just mean Prince William on two occasions in order to produce a pair of precious offspring in Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

No, we mean that Kate Middleton was spotted out on Sunday, September 13, driving to church alongside her husband and showing off a new hairstyle in the process.

The duchess looked positively beautiful in a black turtleneck, brown coat and, as the Internet is buzzing about non-stop, a set of face-framing fringe bangs.

The Telegraph has dubbed the look as “sensible,” with Us Weekly asking whether Kate is starting a “fall trend” with this “chic” look and Vanity Fair referencing the return of said bangs as “grand?” 

Do you agree? Did Middleton make the right move here?

Or does it not even matter, because Kate is such a natural beauty that she could go bald and you’d still be fawning all over her?