Kanye West Rants About Dead People, Says He Stands Alone

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It's been way too long since we've had ourselves a classic Kanye West rant, hasn't it?

Fortunately, the rapper taped an appearance on Ellen this week and came through with crazy, shining colors for us.

Big time.

Kanye on Ellen

It all started when the host asked Kanye why he didn't reach out to Mark Zuckerberg via Facebook, instead of publicly asking the billionaire to help him with his $53 million debt.

"I understand Mark Zukerberg doesn't use Twitter, even though I have had dinner with him and his wife and told them about how I wanted to help the world, and he said he'd help me, and blah blah blah," Mr. Kim Kardashian replied.

"That's how it feels, though, it's like the pursuit of happiness, it's like you're trying to sell that bone density machine, you know in that movie...." 

Yes, that's a reference to the Will Smith movie The Pursuit of Happyness.

But Kanye was only just getting started.

"I feel like if I had more resources, I could help more people," he explained.

"I have ideas that could make the human race's existence within our country better. Period. The paparazzi, whatever perception you have of me, starting with the truth, started with what everyone's thinking, start there, put some dope sh-t with it."

Okay then. We guess. Go on, Kanye...

"I care about people. My dad lived in homeless shelters less than five years ago, to find out...he's a psych major.

"My mom was the first black female chair of the English department of the Chicago State University. I was raised to do something, to make a difference."

For this reason, West says he took the 2016 #OscarsSoWhite campaign very, very seriously.

"I didn't take the Oscars as a joke. You know, 'All black actors can talk about the glass ceilings we've dealt with, talk about how many times you've been blocked from being able to excel.'

"It ain't no joke."

Kanye went on to say that he's the only celebrity still alive who can actually have a cultural impact.

"Picasso is dead, Steve Jobs is dead, Disney is dead. Name someone living that you can name in the same breath as them.

"We're one race, the human race, we're a blip in the existence of the universe and we're constantly trying to pull each other down. It's like I'm shaking talking about it, I feel I can make a difference while I'm here, I feel I can make a difference through my skill set."

After stating he has a condition called "synaesthesia," which means he can see sound, Kanye concluded with a story:

"I'm sitting with [President] Obama, and Leo [DiCaprio]'s talking about the environment, and I'm talking about clothes, and everyone looks at me like, that's not an important issue.

"But I remember going to school in fifth grade and wanting to have a cool outfit. I want to take away bullying."

The crowd gave Kanye a standing ovation by the end of his rant.

How can you not?!? Check out the whole thing now:

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