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The action heated up on Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4.


Following an intense 45 minutes or so that featured Dany bonding further with Jon Snow, as well as the Stark children reuniting at Winterfell and Cersei making a deal with the Iron Bank, the Queen of Dragons finally lived up to her name.

And all it took was one word: Dracarys!

Photo via HBO

With that command, Drogon unleashed holy Hell upon the Lannister army, setting fire to countless soldiers while Bronn and Jamie looked on, dumbfounded and afraid.

Until, that is, Jamie sprinted into action and, perhaps, into a watery grave.

(Although we strongly doubt it.)

Now that Dany has won a key battle in the war for the Iron Throne, what can fans expect from Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5?

Photo via HBO

As teased in the following HBO trailer, it looks like Dany will be asking the conquered losers from this fight to bend their knee.

She’ll be asking them to serve her in her quest to rule over all of Westeros, which is fine and dandy and everything.

But does anyone else get the feeling that the mad apple hasn’t fallen too far from the crazy tree?

In other words: Might power be getting to Dany’s head and might she end up being far more like her father than she wants to believe?

Photo via HBO

All hail The Mad Queen? We sincerely hope not.

But we’re not the first website to theorize a potential villainous turn for the Breaker of Chains.

Watch the following preview to see if you get the same inkling: