Ariel Winter: Watch Me Work Out My Butt!

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Ariel Winter's glorious peach is a paragon of butts, but Ariel's caboose didn't just fall out of the sky.

She works for that. She earns that excellence through hard work.

Don't believe us? Watch this video of Ariel Winter working out her butt and see for yourself.

Ariel Winter in a Bikini on Instagram

Ariel Winter and her boyfriend, actor Levi Meaden, headed over to the gym for some exercise.

We'll assume that they did other things, but the video that Ariel chose to share with her fans and followers was of her butt.

(And you can probably go out on a limb and guess that it was Levi who filmed her butt instead of what we can only imagine would be a very awkward gym employee)

Ariel Winter posted the video of her workout and added the caption:

"Working the [peach emoji] with @mackfit [devil emoji]"

Ariel Winter Shows Off Her Peach

The peach emoji has become as symbolic of butts as the eggplant emoji is representative of penises.

In fact, the peach emoji is so universally understood to represent butts that people sometimes just say "peach" when talking about someone's butt.

When you see a butt like Ariel Winter's, it's pretty clear why people see parallels between a shapely badonadonk and the shape of a peach.

(Especially since the peach emoji, in its various forms, tends to resemble a butt -- remember the outcry when one version of the peach emoji was temporarily altered to be flat? People wanted it looking more like a butt)

In the video, Ariel Winter supports herself with her arms and keeps her legs extended, using her butt muscles (mostly) to move her legs around while also using her abs to hold herself aloft.

Her feet are locked into these little sliding pads that run along the floor smoothly, making her muscles work harder thanks to a relative lack of friction.

She's also wearing some special, shiny workout pants that look like they're from a '90s scifi series that could have had a better wardrobe budget.

Color us intrigued.

Ariel Winter on Lake Tahoe

It's good that Ariel and Levi have activities like this that they can do together that are only public activities if they want them to be.

The couple's come under fire for their age gap, even though their both adults.

Ariel is 19 and Levi Meaden will turn 30 in ... two weeks.

Again, though, they're both adults and they make each other happy. What more exactly do people need?

Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden moved in together back in May, after they'd been dating for, what? Half a year?

Some felt that Levi was taking advantage of Ariel.

In part because of her youth.

In part because she's much more famous and successful, though they are both actors.

Honestly, we've seen no evidence of that.

Ariel Winter's Pizza Butt

Really, critics of their relationship are people -- like, regular Instagram followers or whatever -- who like to imagine that they have a shot with Ariel.

Therefore, they love her but they hate Levi Meaden.

We guess that jealousy of celebrity relationships is kind of normal ... but we're glad that Ariel's found some happiness after facing such a rough childhood.

And now she has the ideal workout buddy who, obviously, is more than happy to film her glorious derriere for her fans.

Anyway, here you go:

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