Amy Schumer to Katie Couric's Husband: Let's Have Anal!

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On the latest issue of GQ, Amy Schumer sucks on the finger of 3-CPO.

But that isn't the most hilariously lewd thing the comedian did this week.

Schumer appeared Wednesday evening on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, telling a story about how she sat with Katie Couric (and other stars) at 2015 Glamour “Women of the Year” Awards.

After relaying tales of a "bread-off" with Mindy Kaling, Schumer went on to explain that Couric's husband showed up for the event, leading the journalist to go off and speak to him.

And she made the mistake of leaving her cell phone behind.

So, naturally, Schumer grabbed it and sent a text to Couric's husband, presumably from Couric of course. It read:

"I want to have anal tonight."

Oh yes. She really went there.

How did Couric and her husband react? How amazing is Amy Schumer? Do you no longer doubt why we love her so much?

Watch the video now!

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