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Think you’ve had a stressful few days?

Meet Amber Pangborn.

The 35-year old California native was driving to her parents’ house recently when she ran out of gas. Pretty annoying, right?

She then went into labor in the middle of Plumas County National Forest!

With no one around, Pangborn gave birth to a girl all by herself (naming her Marisa) before having to deal with a swarm of bees and mosquitos that wanted the placenta.

"I thought we were going to die…And there was no cell service, there was no, there was nothing…I tried to not get them to sting her," Pangborn tells KCRA-TV of her ordeal.

In the above video, we learn that Pangborn survived on soda, three apples and a bottle of water, eventually deciding to use hairspray and a lighter to signal for assistance.

Fortunately, the U.S. Forest Service officials received a report of smoke in the area after an entire side of a mountain caught fire and arrived before it was too late.

"I was crying, I was so happy…I’m so glad someone had finally seen us," Pangborn told reporters while fighting off tears.

So, we ask again: think you’ve had a stressful few days?