Johnny Depp Opens Up About Drugs, Debt, Divorce In Bonkers Interview

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What's the trouble with Johnny Depp?

It's a question that fans and former fans have been asking for the past two years.

It's also the intriguing title of a new Rolling Stone piece that purports to offer some answers.

Journalist David Rodrick spent three days -- well, nights, as Depp keeps vampire hours -- hanging out with the increasingly controversial actor, and it seems there was no topic that wasn't up for discussion.

Depp's massive debt and recent legal battles, his ugly divorce from Amber Heard, and his prodigious appetite for inebriants were all addressed in a wide-ranging conversation that helped to shed some light on Depp's demons.

Is this Johnny showing the world his vulnerable side?

Or have we all just been taken in by a man who's made a very nice living off his ability to manipulate the emotions of others by transforming himself?

Decide for yourself with this list of the most bonkers revelations from Johnny's most candid interview to date.

1. One Mean Mom

One Mean Mom
"My mom was maybe the meanest human being I have ever met in my life," Depp tells Rodrick at one point, adding that his mother often struck her and hurled objects at them.

2. A Traumatic Childhood

A Traumatic Childhood
"There were irrational beatings," says Depp. "Maybe it's an ashtray coming your way. Maybe you're gonna get clunked with the phone."

3. A Complex Relationship

A Complex Relationship
"She could be a real bitch on wheels," Depp says of his mother, before noting that his first major purchase after gaining fame was a house for the woman who raised him.

4. An Attempt to Deflect?

An Attempt to Deflect?
Many have interpreted Depp's comments about his enduring love of his mother despite the abuse she inflicted as an effort to deflect allegations that he was abusive to his former wife, Amber Heard.

5. "Slim" to "Scum"

"Slim" to "Scum"
Depp signed a non-disclosure agreement that prohibits him from talking about Heard -- but Rodrick notes that a tattoo on Johnny's hand that used to feature Heard's nickname, Slim, has been altered to read, "Scum."

6. Speaking of Abused Women...

Speaking of Abused Women...
Depp goes on to comment on the #MeToo movement and the accusations against "goliath Shrek thing" Harvey Weinstein. He's no fan of Harvey, but his remarks aren't exactly in perfect alignment with contemporary feminism, either.

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