Hairspray Live: The Best, Worst and Most WTF Moments

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Hairspray went live on NBC last night.

The latest small screen musical production starred Maddie Baillio, Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, Harvey Fierstein, Martin Short, Kristin Chenoweth, Garrett Clayton, Dove Cameron and Derek Hough, among others.

What were the best moments? What were the worst moments? Which moments have left our eyebrows permanent scrunched in confusion?

Let's GIF this up for the answers, shall we?

1. ... And We're Off!

... And We're Off!
It can't be easy to sing while lying down. This could explain a few missed lyrics off the bat by Baillio.

2. HEY!

And the Best Television Introduction of 2016 Goes To...

3. Let's Do The Twist!

Let's Do The Twist!
Derek Hough was literally born to play this role, don't you think?

4. Best Use of the Split Screen Since 24

Best Use of the Split Screen Since 24
And no way could Jack Bauer sing like this.

5. Dove Cameron FTW!

Dove Cameron FTW!
We didn't even know who Dove Cameron was before. But we do now.

6. Mannequin Challenge Extended...

Mannequin Challenge Extended...
... and accepted, apparently.

7. Where's Zac Efron?!?

Where's Zac Efron?!?
Sorry, but he'll always be Link to us.


Also: Chenoweth!

9. Rosie O'Donnell Sighting

Rosie O'Donnell Sighting
Suck it, Trump!

10. Detention?

More like... dance party!

11. Say My Name!

Say My Name!
Actually, never mind. I'll thrust my hips and say it myself!

12. Hough Stuff

Hough Stuff
Yup. There he goes again!

13. A Grande Impression

A Grande Impression
Between Hairspray and Saturday Night Live, Ariana Grande continues to prove her versatility.

14. Kissy Face!

Kissy Face!
Hey now, break it up, kids!

15. Our Heroine

Our Heroine
She really is. Kristin Chenoweth forever, people.

16. Fire. Emojii.

Fire. Emojii.
That more or less sums up this scene.


You took the words (actions?) right out of our mouth here, Ariana.

18. It's Jennifer Hudson!

It's Jennifer Hudson!
She never fails to entertain and impress.

19. Best. Imprisonment. Ever.

Best. Imprisonment. Ever.
Even if that still isn't Zac Efron.

20. Giddy Up, Girl!

Giddy Up, Girl!
You can lick all the donuts you want now, Ariana. You're the queen.

21. That's a Lot of Hairspray

That's a Lot of Hairspray
And it's being sprayed live.

22. Let's Close This Thing Out

Let's Close This Thing Out
In style!

23. In Grand Style, That Is!

In Grand Style, That Is!
Take a bow, Billy Eichner. And the whole cast. Well earned!

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