Fathers Take #CheerioChallenge, Crack Up the Internet

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The #CheerioChallenge is taking over the Internet.

Are you up for it, fathers around the world?

The #CheerioChallenge is as simple as the food at the center of it is delicious: take a sleeping child, take some Cheerios and see how many you can stack on their face at once.

Here's a look at how various dads have fared so far:

1. Challenge, Extended!

Challenge, Extended!
The Twitter user who started this trend opened with a solid showing of five Cheerios.

2. Impressive Stacks

Impressive Stacks
Way to use multiple body parts!

3. None the Wiser

None the Wiser
We also love the penguin pacifier.

4. 4?!?

What is this, amateur hour?!?

5. Got Her!

Got Her!
Stay asleep, honey. Nothing to see here.

6. Shhh....

He sure is pretty when he sleeps, isn't it?

7. #CheerioChallenge Fail!

#CheerioChallenge Fail!
Nice try, though.

8. Sleeping Like an Angel

Sleeping Like an Angel
Like an angel with Cheerios on her head, that is.

9. It's Harder When They're Older...

It's Harder When They're Older...
... but not impossible!

10. Adding a Waffle to the Challenge

Adding a Waffle to the Challenge
Come on now. This is just cocky.

11. We Can't Even Count This High

We Can't Even Count This High
Job well done!

12. How High Can They Go?

How High Can They Go?
This dad has a nice, flat surface on which to work.

13. No One Wake Her!

No One Wake Her!
I'm going for a record here.

14. By a Nose!

By a Nose!
An adorable nose, we have to say.

15. Take Your Vitamins!

Take Your Vitamins!
That's a different point, really, but this dad is making it in a similar way.

16. Dad? I'm Awake

Dad? I'm Awake
Can you please take these off my face?

17. 16!

This may be the record for one stack.

18. Now We're Getting Silly

Now We're Getting Silly
Those aren't even Cheerios.

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