Joy-Anna Duggar: Did She Just Break a Courtship Rule!?

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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are now married.

They can now touch each other wherever they please and even get right down to the hanky panky business of making babies.

(But can Joy-Anna wear pants like a regular human being? The answer to that hilariously/tragically/actually remains unknown.)

Ogling Austin

However, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth also star on TLC's Counting On, a spinoff of 19 Kids and Counting that airs on Monday night.

These episodes are typically filmed months ahead of time, which raises a key question when it comes to the following clip:

Did Joy-Anna and Austin just violate a major rule of Duggar courtship in the June 19 episode, filmed late last year!?

The sneak peek from this installment features Joy-Anna helping Austin with one of the house-flipping projects he works on to make a living.

At one point, she's using a saw and getting ready to start cutting a piece of wood with it when, out of nowhere ...

Austin most definitely grabs her hand!!!!!!

Duggar Hand Grab!

Pretty scandalous, we know. 

This form of risky, gateway sexual behavior is frowned upon by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, as fans know by now.

The couple's rules for dating etiquette when it comes to their children are rather strict, to say the absolute least.

Take a look at the look on Joy-Anna Duggar's face after Austin's hand crosses paths with hers in the following video.

It certainly doesn't appear as if she expected that to happen, or as if it had ever happened prior to this maneuver.

See what we mean here ...

She likely didn't expect it and it probably hadn't occurred prior to this ... since this happened before they were engaged.

Forsyth and Duggar were friends for over 15 years before they dated for a few months in 2016 and then got engaged earlier this year.

They got married in late May, sharing a number of beautiful images from their wedding - held in their native Arkansas, of course - online.

“We feel so happy and so excited,” the couple told People shortly after exchanging vows in a ceremony Duggar described as “surreal.”

Due to the VERY strict Duggar dating rules, members of this controversial family are scarcely permitted to make any physical contact when dating.

They cannot hold hands until they're engaged.

Obviously they can't have sexual relations until they are married... but once the wedding rings are on those fingers, look out!

Attempts at baby-making nearly always commence as soon as the couples are alone! But that's beside the point right now.

In the case, the June 19 episode also featured Spurgeon Seewald's first birthday party, which would have been in November.

Given that Joy-Anna and Austin got engaged in March, it's safe to say this was some blatant pre-engagement touching.

We even learned that Austin was required to flip five houses before he got married ... and they were working on house #5.

The footage does not lie, ladies and gentlemen ... 

Joy and Austin Forsyth Pic

Joy-Anna and Austin, of course, had a lot of time to get to know each other before any romantic complications were involved.

"It’s really special that I got to grow up with him and my family knows him really well,” she said of her childhood friend back in February.

After getting married, Joy-Anna and Austin said farewell to their friends and loved ones and jetted off for ... somewhere.

They took a honeymoon and even shared a photo from said honeymoon with fans, but never revealed their location.

 Joy-Anna said in a video from from this unknown location.

"Thank you to all for your prayers and encouragement! We are loving married life and having the opportunity to see these beautiful places together!”

Or from this previously unknown location, we should say.

In the following footage, Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth reveal their exciting whereabouts for the first time. Check it out now!

Now that hand-holding and a whole lot more is allowed by her loved ones, when might Joy-Anna announce her pregnancy?

Does she have immediate plans to become a mother early in life, as her own mother did? It sure sounds that way.

"We love kids and we’re excited to have a family," the couple said a few weeks back, adding that the sky is the limit:

"We’re just going to see what the Lord does. We want as many as the Lord thinks we can handle and we are putting it into his hands."

Well, first Austin has to put something else into Joy-Anna's somewhere else ... if you know what we're talking about!

We won't get any more specific than that right now, just in case Jim Bob is reading this over his morning ice water.

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