Catelynn Lowell Takes Us Inside Delivery Room, Explains Name Change

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Let no one ever say ever again that Catelynn Lowell is not open with fans about her life.

The veteran Teen Mom cast member, who welcomed a baby girl back on February 21, recently sat down for her most candid interview of all-time.

Catelynn spoke to Us Weekly about her daughter Vaeda's arrival, actually took the tabloid inside the delivery room and also explained why she and husband Tyler settled on this unusual/beautiful baby name.

Seriously, Catelynn spills it all HERE.

We've excerpted portions of her interview and included other quotes from Catelynn and Tyler on the birth of their precious child.

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1. "She’s here & I’m in love"

"She’s here & I’m in love"
That's what Tyler wrote as confirmation that his third daughter had arrived. (Catelynn and Tyler are raising a four-year old named Nova and gave up a girl named Carly for adoption.)

2. What a Cutie

What a Cutie
She weighed six pounds four onces at birth and measured 19.75 inches. Perfect!

3. A Father Who is Smitten

A Father Who is Smitten
"Words can’t describe the joy I feel when looking into that tiny angelic little face. Daddy loves you Vaeda!" wrote Tyler as a caption to the photo above.

4. As for Catelynn?

As for Catelynn?
"The love I have for these girls is SO unbelievably HUGE!! I’m so blessed to be the mommy to them!!! #mygirls #blessed #novalee #vaeda #sisters!" she added.

5. And Now She's Saying Much More

And Now She's Saying Much More
"She’s such a good baby – very chill and easy going … so far,” Lowell tells Us Weekly, adding that young Nova “loves being a big sister and loves ‘her baby.’”

6. Catelynn Suffered a Miscarriage in Late 2017

Catelynn Suffered a Miscarriage in Late 2017
She has been honest in admitting that having a child right now was NOT part of the plan. “This baby is our rainbow after the storm,” previously told Us Weekly. “We were using protection and everything. This baby just wanted to be here. It was very unexpected."

7. How is Catelynn Feeling These Days?

How is Catelynn Feeling These Days?
She suffered from postpartum depression after having Novalee in 2015, but confirms she has been in a "good mental state" for awhile this time around.

8. Spill the Deets Please!

Spill the Deets Please!
Catelynn delved into some very personal details in this interview, explaining that herwater actually didn’t break, but she began having contractions at 5 a.m. on the day Vaeda arrived.

9. Labor Pains?

Labor Pains?
“We got everything in the car and woke Nova up at about 6:30 and headed for the hospital. It took us about 25 minutes to get there,” she says. “Once at the hospital, I was in labor for 2 and a half hours. I’m honestly blessed because I have very easy and fast labors! So every one of them have been very similar.”

10. Wait.... WHAT?!?

Wait.... WHAT?!?
“The hardest part was almost not getting an epidural! I almost didn’t have a chance to get one and that freaked me out,” Lowell said in horror.

11. But Then Phew! (And Also Wow!)

But Then Phew! (And Also Wow!)
“The easiest was the pushing itself – only two times and she was out!”

12. Not Settled Just Yet

Not Settled Just Yet
Catelynn and Tyler have new house and are in a good place in their relationship and are... ready for another baby already?!?

13. Yup, Almost

Yup, Almost
"We want more children,” Catelynn told Us. “We really want to try for a boy, but we are going to wait until Vaeda is a little older – like six months to a year.”

14. Why the Name Change?

Why the Name Change?
During a December 2018 episode of Teen Mom OG, the twosome revealed they were planning to name their daughter Tezlee. However, they ultimately went with Vaeda Luma instead.

15. What Happened?

What Happened?
Well... “Every time someone would say Tezlee, we would cringe! It just wasn’t sitting with us like it did at first,” Catelynn admits. “Tyler told me about the name Vaeda and I fell in love with it! It’s from the movie My Girl, which is a movie that Tyler showed me years ago.”

16. For the Record...

For the Record...
... My Girl is very good and very very very very sad.

17. Tyler Couldn't Be Happier

Tyler Couldn't Be Happier
He wrote as a caption to a photo of his expanded family this month: “I love my family so much & there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for all of my girls! After this past year with our miscarriage, Cate’s mental health struggle, my dad & sister’s recovery, & my own mental health journey...I thought this pregnancy couldn’t have come at a more emotionally sensitive time for us."

18. Live. Learn. Love.

Live. Learn. Love.
He concluded at the time: "But life isn’t about convenient timing & destiny works in mysterious ways. I’m just so blessed that Vaeda’s destiny was to be right here in her mother’s arms, next to her big sister, who’s wrapped in her daddy’s’s a feeling that’s unexplainable.”

19. How Cute Is This?!?

How Cute Is This?!?
Upon arriving home, Tyler shared a photo of Vaeda sleeping next to their dog. “Mommy & Daddy love you so much & can’t wait to watch you grow with love in this crazy family of ours,” he wrote on Instagram.

20. This Couple Has Been Through a Ton

This Couple Has Been Through a Ton
During Catelynn's pregnancy, Tyler asked for a separation. Or, to be more clear, a time for "self-reflection," as he called it.

21. Dude Needed a Break

Dude Needed a Break
“When does it ever turn around?" he asked some friends last year. "When is it ever 50/50?! I’m saying this is what I need, awesome. If you can’t, let me know now. I don’t want to waste any time, let me get out of here. Marriage is a bitch.”

22. They Did Couples Therapy and Lived Apart During This Time

They Did Couples Therapy and Lived Apart During This Time
Unusual? Sure. But it appears to have worked, putting Tyler's mind at ease and making sure the marriage was never in danger.

23. Tyler Was Always Committed to Catelynn

Tyler Was Always Committed to Catelynn
"When you say ‘separation,’ everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god, a separation?” It’s not like we’re seeing other people or we’re not talking at all or not spending time with each other," Tyler emphasized at one point.

24. He Has Always Been Adamant About His Love

He Has Always Been Adamant About His Love
"The main goal is to stay with my wife and live this life," Tyler said during this arrangement. "We love each other. It’s crazy because when you do grow up with each other, no one can really understand the bond. There is no explanation for it. It’s hard for people like my dad, who’s been in prison his whole life and never really had a serious adult relationship, to relate. It’s different."

25. And the Same Can Be Said for Catelynn

And the Same Can Be Said for Catelynn
"I love you so much [Tyler Baltierra], thanks for blessing me with three beautiful girls and choosing me as your wife. I’m truly blessed by you! I love you!" she wrote after this self-reflection period ended.

26. All is Well That Ends Well

All is Well That Ends Well
AMAZINGLY well, in this case. We're so very happy for Tyler and Catelynn!

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