29 Drake Photos and Videos That Are Pure Drizzy

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Whether he's getting his fighting Diddy outside of a club or murdering Meek Mill on wax, we here at THG like to celebrate Drake year-round.

If you're a Seinfeld fan, you might say we love the Drake. If you have no idea what that means, then let's just say we enjoy everything Aubrey Drake Graham has done from his time on Degrassi up through his mixtape with Future.

We're even fans of the infamous video of a young Drake hassling his mom over a tuna fish sandwich.

So in honor of the 6 God and his loyal woes, please enjoy this tribute to the man they call Drizzy:


1. The Drake Stare

The Drake Stare
Drake stares down his audience in this concert photo. He gets a big following wherever he goes.

2. Drake Laughing

Drake Laughing
The Six God knows how to enjoy himself - especially when he's courtside with his woes.

4. Madonna Kisses Drake at Coachella

Madonna kissed Drake during her performance at Coachella. Clearly, the rapper did not appreciate the show of affection.

5. Drake and Nicki Minaj

Drake and Nicki Minaj
This pic is from before Drizzy started beefing with Nicki's dude, Meek Mill. These days, you might say nothing is the same.

6. Drake - Hold On (We're Going Home)

The video for Drake's "Started From the Bottom." An instant classic, and one of the biggest hits of his career.

7. Drake as Bieber

Drake as Bieber
This is amazing. It's a GIF of Drake making like Justin Bieber from the music video for "Energy."

8. Drake as Oprah

Drake as Oprah
Not even Oprah is off limits for Drake. He impersonates the talk show queen in the "Energy" music video.

9. Drake as Obama

Drake as Obama
Drake does all kinds of celebrity impressions for the music video for "Energy." Including, yes, President Obama.

10. Drake Music Video - "Energy"

We couldn't tease you with those GIFS and hit you with the whole clip. Check out Drizzy's bonkers video for "Energy."

11. Nicki Minaj Teases Anaconda Video, Drake

Nicki Minaj Teases Anaconda Video, Drake
So... what do you think, Drake? The singer gets an up close and VERY personal look at Nicki Minaj in this tease for the "Anaconda" music video.

12. Team Drake

Team Drake
Drake is all sorts of popular these days, and it's well earned.

13. Lil Wayne vs. Drake

Lil Wayne vs. Drake
Weezy and Drizzy toured together last year. A cloud of marijuana smoke still hangs over much of the US.

14. Drake Smokes Marijuana on Stage

Speaking of - here's Drake burning one with Wiz Khalifa.

15. Drake Sad Photo

Drake Sad Photo
Drake looks bummed. Someone must have reminded he got his start on a Canadian teen soap opera.

16. Drake Reacts

Drake Reacts
Something does not sit well with the Drake. Just look at his reaction!

17. Love The Drake

Love The Drake
Everybody loves the Drake. Even Chris Brown nowadays, crazily enough.

18. Drake Live Photo

Drake Live Photo
Drake live in concert. That man can put on a good show.

19. Drake Denied Entry to Heat Locker Room

Drake is denied entry to the Miami Heat locker room as the team celebrates. Pretty funny.

20. Drake's Mom Forgets His Sandwich

Also not his proudest moment...but prett damn hilarious.

21. Drake Looks Back

Drake Looks Back
Drake looks back. The man has a lot to reflect on.

22. Drake GQ Photo

Drake GQ Photo
Drake in GQ. He is very much looking like the man right here.

23. Drake at the Grammys

Drake at the Grammys
Looking dapper, Drake! The artist breaks out a tuxedo in this Grammys photo.

24. Drake Smiles

Drake Smiles
Drake is all smiles at the 2012 MTV VMAs. For good reasons!

25. Drake - Started From the Bottom

The man has a strange definition of "the bottom"...still a dope track though.

26. Drake in Concert

Drake in Concert
Drake performs live in concert. Guy's a pretty talented performer.

27. Drake in Vegas

Drake in Vegas
Drake poses here on the red carpet of a Las Vegas event. He's at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

28. Drizzy Drake

Drizzy Drake
Not his proudest moment.

29. Drake: "Hotline Bling" Video

No Drake retrospective would be complete without his most heavily-memed video to date.

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