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Celebrities are known to be trend-setters, but one of the more annoying – and potentially dangerous – trends they’ve been pushing in recent years is wearing a waist “trainer.”

We put “trainer” in quotes because it’s a total misnomer. Absolutely no training is taking place by wearing these corsets. Those who wear them are just temporarily cinching their midsections into a slimmer shape with a constrictive, way-too-tight garment.

But while your waist might appear smaller while wearing the trainer, it provides no lasting results. Your feet won’t shrink if you wear tight shoes, and your belly fat ain’t melting away by rocking one of these things, either.

In fact, doctors have warned against the dangers of wearing corsets, explaining that it can impair your breathing and crush your ribs, lungs and internal organs.

Nevertheless, companies are paying celebs top dollar to post an Instagram photo wearing one of these death belts in hopes that fans will follow suit and purchase one for themselves.

Sadly, some stars will do anything for a buck.