10 Highest-Earning Female Artists in 2016: Who's #1?

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Forbes has once again come out with its list of the biggest money-makers in the music industry.

The publication has released financial figures for the following women from between June of 2015 and June of 2016.

Which woman earned the most? Which earned the SECOND most?

The answers may surprise you. Let's count em down...

10. Celine Dion, $27 Million

Celine Dion, $27 Million
Her gig in Las Vegas pays the bills... and then some! Both her heart and her bank account will go on and on.

9. Shania Twain, $27.5 Million

Shania Twain, $27.5 Million
Another Sin City resident, another hefty payday. Err... pay year.

8. Britney Spears, $30.5 Million

Britney Spears, $30.5 Million
Britney Spears released a fragrance and a mobile app. But she is yet another singer who has a residency in Las Vegas.

7. Jennifer Lopez, $39.5 Million

Jennifer Lopez, $39.5 Million
Lopez has a deal with L’Oreal and released another perfume in 2016. And, yup, she has a residency in Vegas.

6. Katy Perry, $41 Million

Katy Perry, $41 Million
Her world tour wrapped up this year and she also banked a whole lot from endorsement deals with H&M, Claire’s and CoverGirl.

5. Beyonce, $54 Million

Beyonce, $54 Million
Beyonce soared to #1 with the album “Lemonade” and her Formation tour grossed over $250 million.

4. Rihanna, $75 Million

Rihanna, $75 Million
The music thing is going well, but Rihanna also has endorsement deals with Puma, Dior and Samsung.

3. Madonna, $76.5 Million

Madonna, $76.5 Million
Her Rebel Heart tour grossed $170 million and also took home money via her perfume and clothing lines.

2. Adele, $80.5 Million

Adele, $80.5 Million
Her album sales are strong, but it's her sold-out arena tour that has really brought in the big bucks.

1. Taylor Swift, $170 Million

Taylor Swift, $170 Million
Yes, she more than doubled the second place finisher. Her 1989 World Tour grossed over a quarter of a billion dollars and she has deals with Keds, Apple and Diet Coke.

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