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Softballs For Dollars?
CBS Makes a Dumb assignment

Here are some truths: Sunday morning isn???t the place for expos??s. Features on people with new books are never hard hitting. Unless there???s been a recent affair, pieces on politicians??? wives are usually puff.

So is it any surprise that the CBS Sunday Morning profile of Lynn Cheney didn???t reveal anything other than her predilection for ecru walls?

But it???s still fishy that Rita Braver, whose husband, Robert B. Barnett, represented Cheney for her book deal, reported the piece. It doesn???t matter that Braver made a disclosure at the beginning of the piece, that book sales wouldn???t benefit Barnett (and by association, Braver) and that Braver did ask a few, sort of tough questions.

Linda Mason, CBS News division???s senior vice president for standards, said, ???Rita is the best person to do this interview??? because she is based on Washington and is a national correspondent for the show. Is a flight to Washington out of CBS???s budget?

Maybe this explains CBS’s search for locations without child labor laws for the next Kid Nation.

Oct 11, 2007 · Link · Repond

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