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Kimora Lee Simmons And Her A Priori Analytic Knowledge Of Self-Promotion
Celebrities: They’re So Transparent Transcendent!

In light of today being almost-Thanksgiving, we found ourselves inadvertently reminiscing about 18th century German philosopher Immanuel Kant and his theory of the categorical imperative. And, from what little we gleaned from our (mandatory) Columbia philosophy course, we seem to recall that it was largely about moral relativism and doing the right thing for the right reasons (i.e. a sense of innate moral obligation) rather than because you’re solicitous of the positive attention or because it’s expected of you.

And since, as Kant so aptly pointed out, not all charitable acts were created equal, we couldn’t help but wonder: in this celebrity-obsessed day and age, is it truly possible for a moderately famous person to achieve what Kant defines as the “highest form of good will,” put her negligibly impressive public image aside and do something selfless purely because it’s what she ought to do?

Alas, if these “candid” pictures of Kimora Lee Simmons spreading the Thanksgiving cheer to the children of St. Vincent’s hospital are any indication, we’re thinking the answer is “Probably not.”

Nov 21, 2007 · Link · Repond

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