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Ok, maybe I went into the movie with extremely high expectations, but wouldn’t you have too? I mean Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan and Martin Lawrence…was it wrong of me to believe that I would be laughing throughout the entire movie? I wish I wouldn’t have made my huge assumptions because it led me to be completely let down.

The concept, things going terribly wrong at a funeral, has the potential to be very funny. Add in the random subplots…the crazy uncle, the interracial couple, hallucinogens, sibling rivalry and a midget gay lover and hilarity should ensue, but it didn’t. Sure there were a few “I can’t breathe this is so funny” moments, but when three of the main characters of the movie are well known comedians, there should be a lot more than just a few LOL moments.

To be honest, the funniest parts of the movie didn’t even involve Martin, Chris or Tracy. Odd right? While I’m being honest, Chris Rock has always made me laugh, but he has never been convincing to me as an actor, and this movie did nothing to change my mind on that.

The trailer will make you want to see the film because it displays the funniest parts of the movie. That said, I wouldn’t go rushing to the theater to check this one out though, because literally that’s as funny as it gets. You can definitely wait to see it on DVD.

Comedies are supposed to be so funny that your stomach hurts as you leave…perfect example, “The Hangover”.

“Death at a Funeral” in theaters everywhere April 16.

I’m Danni and some movies just shouldn’t be remade.

See the trailer below: