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Controversy can be a goldmine for reality TV personalities. But only up to a point.

After this, Abby Lee Miller’s Bravolebrity aspirations are looking even more dismal than before. And that’s saying a lot.

See, she did a recent interview … and decided to voice her attraction to high school football players.

Even when the host hastily gave her an out, Miller doubled down. Now there’s a whole new reason to keep your kids out of her classes.

Dance Moms antagonist Abby Lee Miller is now a YouTuber, using her years of fame to attract attention on the platform. In this video, she pitches the idea of becoming a Bravolebrity. (YouTube)

Reality TV villain Abby Lee Miller was a recent guest on Sofia Franklyn’s Sofia with an F podcast.

While discussing old films and one in particular featuring a fictitious high school football player, the Dance Moms alum announced that such guys are her “downfall.”

According to Miller, she is still into high school boys to this day. She is, for the record, 57 years old.

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Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller sports a very curly wig while lecturing a group of children in the trailer for Season 8. (Lifetime)

Sofia, being a thoughtful host, noted that she is personally more into the coaches. This was an easy out for Miller.

It was also an out that she did not take.

Instead, Miller doubled down. She clarified that she is not talking about former high school guys. Miller’s thirst, she said, was for currently enrolled students. Yikes! Everyone hated that, and she’s getting plenty of pushback.

On YouTube in 2022, Abby Lee Miller made it very clear that she does not take some of her critics seriously. Even the ones who personally know her. (YouTube)

This is a complex issue, but we want to be clear that Miller is not admitting to having done anything illegal.

Additionally, no one is accusing her of doing anything illegal. (Well … not in this specific instance. Not on this specific topic)

There is no such thing as “thought crimes.” But that doesn’t mean that people are wrong to express concern and disappointment.

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Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller speaks to the camera on the trailer for Season 8 of the hit series. (Lifetime)

A lot of people expressed disgust that Miller doubled down. She had a chance to drop the topic or pivot, but she refused.

Sometimes, people make a poor attempt at humor — or blurt out an unpleasant truth. There are ways of steering conversations away, or letting someone retract their comment.

While some high school students are adults, the vast majority are minors. And it’s not like Miller is a 20-year-old who might consider them a peer or a recent classmate. Her words are creepy.

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Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller made a dramatic warning to a group of children while miming stabbing a model of a human heart. Yikes. (Lifetime)

Now, we should acknowledge that there was once a very popular mode of humor. People would essentially make jokes about attraction to minors.

This was huge in the late 2000s. Many adult comedies featured specific episodes or recurring characters who lusted after minors. And the humor was a big hit among provocateurs in the early years of social media.

Do you know why it stopped? Because actual sexual predators enjoyed the jokes, and CSA (child sexual abuse) survivors did not.

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Abby Lee Miller is battling against Burkitt Lymphoma, but she still finds time to smile even after the cancer put her in a wheelchair. (Instagram)

While Miller might not be a sexual predator, some are speculating that she might have been serious.

If so, like we said, that’s not a “thought crime.” But if she finds herself attracted to minors, proclaiming it from the rooftop is alarming. It would be better to simply never act upon that desire, for the sake of potential victims.

Notably, she didn’t say “minors.” And sure, some high schoolers are adults, as we mentioned. But if someone does have an involuntary attraction that would make a victim out of the object of their desires … why talk about it? Outside of therapy, we mean.

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Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller affirms that she fought very hard to appear on Season 8 of the hit Lifetime series. (Lifetime)

Whether Miller was joking or 100% serious, the answer is the same. There is no reason for her to be talking about this publicly like this.

Why? Because when full-grown adults openly perv on real human teens, jokingly or sincerely, it normalizes predatory behavior.

It’s not like the “teens” on the erstwhile The CW or in books or whatever. These are real human kids who should only be objectified by each other, if at all.

There is another angle, by the way. Miller has an upcoming show. (Yes, someone’s really putting her back on TV)

Mad House begins airing late this month. And it features young adult dancers competing against each other.

The deeply uncomfortable jokes write themselves, we fear. But a lot of people aren’t in a laughing mood.