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By this point, we are all aware of Memphis and Hamza’s bitter custody dispute.

The two have, for the most part, avoided directly addressing fans about what is going on.

After a recent report sparked rumors that Hamza had won custody and Memphis had lost, that changed.

Memphis is quashing these rumors before they spread. She is affirming that her children remain “blessed” and with her.

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Recently, an inside source close to Moknii Hamza opened up about this summer’s developments.

This report contained an update on the custody battle between him and Memphis Smith.

It sounds like Hamza scored a victory when it comes to seeing his daughter.

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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days alum Moknii Hamza shared a number of photos from his stay in Chicago, which spanned from April to late August of 2022. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“In July 2022, Mr. Mokni’s attorney secured an immediate court order,” the inside source told In Touch Weekly.

This was an order “granting Mr. Mokni monitored visits with the couples minor child.”

The insider added: “As of today, and per Mr. Mokni’s post, it’s clear he has yet to exercise his visits with the minor.”

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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days alum Moknii Hamza took to his Instagram Story to clear up mistaken impressions about his visit to Chicago. (Image Credit: Instagram)

That report seems to make it clear that Hamza was still in Chicago when this alleged court victory went down.

His absence from Michigan, where Memphis and their daughter live, puzzled some fans of Before The 90 Days.

Was Hamza working to see his daughter? Or, some asked, was he just living his life in another state while fishing for sympathy online?

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Memphis asks if Ella, who defends sleeping with her friend because her love language is “touch” and she’s gone years without intimacy due to Johnny’s unavailability, should be in a long-distance relationship at all if her needs aren’t being met.

The report about Hamza scoring some sort of courtroom victory came just last week.

Without specifics, fans were left to wonder what this meant.

Had Memphis lost custody of her infant daughter to Hamza? What exactly did the court say?

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Though Hamza and Memphis semi-settled some of their bigger issues days ago, Hamza still feels uneasy and wants to square away some of their concerns.

We don’t know.

What we do know is that Memphis has had it up to here (to higher than she can reach) with false rumors.

So, though she has avoided public commentary as much as possible, she had to speak out.

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She contacts a family law attorney back in Michigan to make sure that things about her prenup, to which Hamza has agreed, are all in order.

On Tuesday, September 13, Memphis took to her Instagram Story with a message.

“I’ve been quiet long enough,” she began.

“Please people, do not waste your time and energy listening to blogs/internet gossip,” Memphis asked.

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“I have NOT lost custody of anyone!” Memphis declared.

She affirmed that “My kids and I are great and blessed.”

She then strongly hinted at a threat to sue anyone who is making false claims. Her threat did come in a roundabout way, though.

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Memphis is very conspicuously the hottest cast member at this Tell All (hottest person overall might be Kimberly’s son, but that comes later), walking in a can’t-miss outfit.

To recap, we all watched Memphis and Hamza’s love story play out.

She left Tunisia pregnant with Hamza’s baby.

By the time that production was ready to film the Tell All, Hamza already had his spousal visa and was with her.

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Memphis is sick and not feeling well, so she has to leave the Tell All. Hamza, however, remains behind at production’s request.

Things had clearly soured by early 2022, however.

Memphis confirmed that they had broken up in late April with a simple “single mom life” hashtag.

From there, the news grew worse. Either they were clashing over custody … or Hamza was making it look that way to friends and family.

Memphis and Hamza, everyone!
Memphis and Hamza are not only married, but were able to actually be together on stage. Hamza actually got lost in New York the night before this was filmed, but the two looked amazing and very much in love sitting together on stage.

Hamza’s sister, Rawia, spoke more directly to fans. She suggested this summer that Memphis was violating a court order.

Fans were unsure of what to make of the claim. After all, Rawia’s only source of info was Hamza.

We’re in for a lot of he-said, she-said in the coming months. One day, perhaps we will get the whole story.