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We all know that Amy Rachelle King, better known as Amy Duggar, isn’t perfect.

Though she was spared from being brainwashed like her cousins, she holds her own toxic views.

Even so, many fans still like her … and look forward to every instance when she breaks the Duggar cult rules.

Over the holiday weekend, Amy struck again — flashing her gorgeous legs to “defraud” her followers, in a manner of speaking.

We of course are not accusing Amy of defrauding anyone.

But according to the Duggar cult’s twisted doctrine, an adult woman flashing her legs is “defrauding” anyone who sees her.

And Amy is certainly showing off her legs during this hot, hot summer weather.

See, Amy shared a few photos from her family’s Fourth of July celebrations.

She, her son, Daxton, and her husband, Dillon, were all outdoors and embracing their patriotic spirit.

Her mom, Deanna Duggar, joined the fun, too!

Amy dressed appropriately for the occasion, which meant that she broke more than one of the Duggar clan’s oppressive wardrobe rules.

She flashed her legs and bared her arms, where the cult demands that her cousins wear long baggy pants and at least cover their upper arms.

In the pool, Amy broke even more of the family rules, even if her attire wasn’t “skimpy” by actual human standards.

Now, Amy is not a member of the cult. She did not grow up like her cousins did.

As a child, Amy climbed trees and ran and played. She listened to real-world music.

Because of her “worldly” habits, her cousins could not even be alone with her — lest she give them a dose of reality.

Amy Duggar on the Gram
Amy Duggar shared this beautiful photo of herself to Instagram in late April of 2022.

But it is always intriguing to tick of the list of boxes for which “rules” she is breaking.

Obviously, some of Amy’s cousins have deviated from these rules, as well.

In fact, it looks like Jill Duggar was basically ghosted by her sisters in recent months after becoming a little too normal.

Amy Duggar Reacts to Josh Duggar Sentencing: FINALLY!

Amy is no stranger to ostracization — not where her cousins and their parents are concerned.

Her outspoken condemnations of Josh Duggar may have angered the Duggar clan more than any of her outfits.

In fact, we would probably be hearing a lot more from Amy … if it weren’t for that pesky NDA.

We don’t know the details of Amy’s non-disclosure agreement. The reasons are obvious.

What we do know is that Amy has a lot that she would like to say. She just can’t right now.

Perhaps, after a certain amount of time, Amy will finally get her chance to spill plenty of Duggar dirt.

Jill and Amy Duggar
Jill and Amy have long been regarded as the biggest rebels in the Duggar family. And their partnership may have instrumental in the destruction of Jim Bob’s evil empire.

For now, Amy remains in “black sheep” territory with the family, and Jill is not far behind her.

It’s not that anyone should want to be like the Duggars or find acceptance among such a toxic, twisted cult.

But … it’s also very sad when family members cannot visit all of their siblings and cousins without permission.