Teen Mom Fans Respond to Ryan Edwards Firing: Is He About to Snap?

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Teen Mom OG fans are concerned.

Are they relieved? Are they joyous? Or they thankful?

Yes, yes and yes.

But they are also concerned.

Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards Together

Late last week, Ryan Edwards got fired from Teen Mom OG -- along with his wife, Mackenzie, his mother, Jen, and his father, Larry.

It was the culmination of a season's worth of drama based around these family members and their ongoing beef with Maci Bookout... who has primary custody of the 12-year old son, Bentley, that she created back in the day with Ryan.

Maci has said many times that Bentley doesn't want to see his dad on any sort of regular basis.

The Edwards, conversely, have accused Maci of withholding the child from his father and/or his grandparents.

Ryan Edwards and Family Photo

The feud has escalated over the course of the past few Teen Mom OG episodes, with Mackenzie recently trashing Maci as a spiteful bitch -- and Macii allegedly responding by making a power move:

She got Ryan and company canned.

According to Mackenzie, "Maci’s agent went above [producers’] heads and went to Viacom," talking to higher-ups and insisting that her rivals get booted from the franchise.

“Sadly, the truth of the matter is, she calls the shots here, this is her show. It is what it is, it’s fine," added Mackenzie.

Maci Bookout on the Phone

Reports say that Ryan and his loved ones may appear on next season's premiere, but that will be it for them.

Maci has not yet commented on this development at all, but fans of Teen Mom OG have had plenty to say over the past few days.

One person, for example, compared Maci to Chelsea Houska, who walked away from Teen Mom 2 in late 2020.

How so?

Ryan Edwards Talks About Bentley

"My theory is Maci threatened to quit after the reunion," this person theorized.

"She is done with the Edwards(for good reason). She saw Chelsea quit TM2 stating she didn’t want Aubrey to be uncomfortable with the story line focus on her.

"We literally saw the producer ask Chelsea, 'what can we do to get you to stay?'

"It didn’t work with Chels but maybe Maci said, she’s done. They ask her what can they do to keep her. She says, 'I don’t want to have Jen, Larry, Ryan and Mackenzie be in the story.'"

Maci Bookout in Blue

Such a scenario would make sense to us.

Another viewer labeled Ryan and his relatives as a "lost cause," adding:

"Jen and Larry have made it their life’s work to rug sweep and misplace blame on Ryan’s relationship with his son.

"Then you have his wife jumping on their wagon and you have a family so disassociated from reality that it’s just pathetic.

"I keep wondering when they will finally treat Ryan as an adult."

Ryan Edwards in Trump Hat

A great deal of concern, meanwhile, centers around Ryan's past.

He's a drug addict. That's simply a fact.

"Am I the only one that has a slight concern about Ryan doing something reactive and stupid?" someone asked on Reddit.

"I really hope not, but he is very unstable."

Edwards, Ryan (Teen Mom)

Edwards, for his part, is at least sounding totally cool and calm about the whole thing.

"I really haven’t given MTV much thought now that I have my own fabrication shop," Edwards simply told The Sun on Friday.

Are we buying what Ryan is selling there? No.

For the sake of his children, however, we strongly hope we're wrong and Edwards willl simply move on to something successful -- away from the camera.

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