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Amy Slaton has a brand new and very precious bundle of joy at home.

Sadly, however, terrible people on the Internet won’t let the 1000-LB Sisters star actually enjoy this miracle.


Allow us to explain…

Amy Slaton, Son

Slaton surprised many viewers last year upon announcing her pregnancy, largely due to her size and the dangers that can come along with carrying a child at such a weight.


“Having a baby means the world to me, it’s everything I’ve always wanted,” Slaton said in a Season 2 super teaser, going on to state at the time she got pregnant just four months following her successful bariatric surgery.

This decision went against her doctor’s orders.

Photo via TLC

Thankfully, though, Amy went on to successfullly give birth to a son named Gage and has been keeping followers apprised of his status via social media.

A few days ago, she felt him his food solid food: green beans.

And almost immediately afterward?

She received endless flak from parent-shaming trolls around the Internet.

"Gage ate green beans for the 1st time," wrote Slaton as a caption to snapshots of her infant chowing down.

Cue the backlash from there.

"I don’t understand your hurry to introduce him to food, all he needs is milk at this age. Remember where your unhealthy relationship with food led you," wrote one critic, while another added:

"He is adorable. Just be careful with solids since he is so young. If doc approves just go slow."

Slaton, for her part, did clap back at these total strangers who jumped into her business, but she handled the controversy with far more grace than we likely would have.

"Gage’s doctor told us to give him vegetables. I would never do anything to hurt gage," she simply Tweeted.

"I even messaged his nurse daily to make sure he stays safe.

"Only thing he said was not fruit right now."

Amy Slaton
Photo via TLC

We wish we could say this was the first time people out there took Amy to task as a mother.

A few days ago, though, critics trashed the reality star for the state of the baby’s bedroom… pointing out that one of the pillows was dirty.

Moreover, she even got crap for taking a vacation while the baby was only three months old.

The nerve of some social media users, you know?!?

Photo via TLC

There are some supporters around, at least.

"We started with fruit (prunes) as he was always constipated and he was 17 weeks, You’re not doing anything wrong," wrote one of these fans, prompting Amy to reply with some bad grammar:

"Yea there not his doctor."