Kourtney Kardashian Responds to Baby Bump Rumors: I Love Getting Pregnant!

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In the year 2021 -- which, thank heavens, is finally upon us -- Kourtney Kardashian will turn 42 years old.

That's not an easy fact to comprehend, especially when you see her latest bikini selfies.

Kourtney Kardashian Takes a Bikini Selfie

“Little Cabo daydream,” Kourt captioned the pics.

Naturally, most commenters were less concerned with Kourtney's state of mind than with her jaw-dropping figure.

Of course, this is the internet in 2020, which means there are haters and trolls lurking around every corner and in every comment section.

Kountney Kardashian: Selfie With Child

Believe it or not, some folks even went so far as to suggest that Kourtney looks pregnant in these pics.

We're not sure what might have led them to such a bonkers conclusion, but the amateur OB-GYNs of Instagram just wouldn't let the matter drop.

It got so bad that a friend of Kourtney's felt the need to chime in and comment on the absurdity of the situation.

Kourtney In Purple

“Let’s have a baby!” wrote Kourtney's friend and business partner Sarah Howard.

Kourt kept the jocular vibe going by responding, “Get me pregnant!"

See, folks? That's how you handle haters.

Kourt on Instagram

Don't address them directly -- a practice that some refer to as "feeding the trolls" -- because that only encourages them to keep talking trash.

Of course, ignoring the negativity can make it look like you have something to hide.

The master path is to just laugh it off like you were in on the joke from the start -- it drives 'em nuts.

Kourtney Kardash

Sadly, this isn't the first time fans speculated that Kourtney is expecting her fourth child.

And it's not the first time that they felt the need to share that opinion in the comments on one of her photos.

A similar situation occurred back in April, and on that occasion, Kourtney didn't find the situation quite so funny.

Kourtney Kiss

Kourtney posted a video, in which she took a stern tone with her followers and very firmly explained that she's not pregnant.

“I knew that I didn’t look pregnant in my opinion,” she explained.

“I’ve been pregnant three times. I know what my body looks like when I’m pregnant. To me, it’s very feminine to have curves and I embrace my body, so I didn’t take offense.”

Kourt In the Closet

It's good that she didn't take offense, but folks -- can we all agree to leave wild baby bump speculation behind with all the other worthless crap of 2020?

Not only is it rude to comment on a person's body in that fashion, you also don't know how sensitive a topic you might be touching on.

Maybe the person is fine with such talk -- but maybe they've been struggling to conceive, and you're pushing them to the brink.

Kourtney Kardashian: Reading While Naked

You can never know, so just STFU, get it?

Thankfully, it looks as though Kourt is currently in a very good place in her life.

While there's no truth to the rumors that Kourtney and Scott Disick are getting back together, it does appear that they're on very good terms with one another.

Scott, Kourt and Kids

The former couple is “just coparenting at the moment,”according to one insider, who notes that they make “a great team."

“The kids are their No. 1 priority, and they have a blast raising them together,” the source tells In Touch.

Sounds like these two have finally figured out what works!

We guess some people actually made progress this year!

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