Why is 90 Day Fiance Alum Luis Mendez Getting Deported?

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Last month, we reported that 90 Day Fiance alum Luis Mendez may be facing deportation.

Well, reports say that it's really happening. But ... why?

90 Day Fiance Couple Luis and Molly

Luis Mendez and Molly Hopkins have a twist on the classic girl-meets-boy story.

See, Molly was on vacation with some friends, and she happened to visit a bar where Luis was working.

One thing led to another, and despite their 15 year age gap, the two ended up engaged.

Molly and Luis, Couples Collage

That engagement ended with them married. In fact, they got married privately, not telling her family ... or producers ... about the nuptials.

In terms of the premise of 90 Day Fiance, the couple "made it."

But though the two poked fun at the things that viewers said about them, their marriage had its struggles.

Luis Mendez and Molly Hopkins

It wasn't just about the age gap, though a number of viewers did suspect that Luis wanted US residency, and saw Molly as his ticket to obtaining it.

The two genuinely did not seem to get along after a while, with Luis even going onto social media and accusing Molly of abuse.

Molly ended up accusing Luis of just using her for a green card.

Luis Mendez Works Out

In turn, Luis accused Molly of "using" him, too.

They got divorced ... but only five months later, it was reported that Luis had remarried.

Though not much is known about his new bride, it was said that she was also from the DR ... and not an American citizen.

Luis Mendez Gets Married

“Yes, I did get married," Luis confirmed at the time. "That was my wedding [on] September 19." This was almost two years ago.

“I love this girl so much," he gushed without revealing her identity. "The most amazing part was meeting her because she changed all life to happiness."

Luis noted that he had “no contact” with Molly at the time, simply expressing that he wishes her well.

Molly Hopkins Pouts

Molly had her own version of how things went down.

She said that Luis had pressured her to get married right away, without waiting for a formal ceremony, and then promptly created problems out of nowhere -- like accusing her of witchcraft.

That he remarried, she said, seemed to confirm her family's suspicions that he had been waiting to get to the US and used her to do it.

Molly and Luis

All signs point to Luis being deported back to the Dominican Republic, though an explanation was not immediately available.

It looks like Luis and Molly divorcing such a short time after coming to the US and then Luis' rapid remarriage -- albeit to a non-citizen -- are playing a role in this.

Luis did not receive a green card, which means that he would have an uphill battle if he wishes to fight to remain in the US.

Luis Mendez, Coffee Selfie

But Luis clearly does not intend to squander his final days in the US.

Instead, he has been seen spending time with friends and family in Hoboken, New Jersey.

We are sure that he will miss them when he is forced to leave.

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