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If you were hoping the Committee’s grip on the game was coming to an end, then we have some bad news. 

Memphis won the latest Head of Household competition, marking his second time in power this season, but the seventh overall for the dominant alliance in the game. 

Yep, we’re in for another boring week in the Big Brother: All-Stars house, and that is all thanks to pre-game alliances. 

David on Big Brother: All-Stars

They have ruined the fun of what should have been a banner season of this veteran reality series. 

You know the season is rough when the biggest drama in the Sunday episode was from earlier in the week. 

David, as we already know, voted with Da’Vonne and Kevin to allow to make it 5-3 vote against Ian. 

The plan was for Nicole to vote with them to force Dani to break a tie, but Nicole and Dani schemed ahead of the vote because David was running his mouth about the then-HOH. 

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 18
Photo via CBS

Nicole, a former winner, is playing an excellent game. She’s won zero competitions, but her social game is on point. 

Ultimately, her success or failure will all come down to whether she can start winning things when it comes to the alliance taking shots at each other. 

Nicole built trust with Da’Vonne, and the latter thought that David was the one to not vote with the plan. 

It made for a lot of drama, but it was rather uncomfortable to watch. Da’Vonne always seems to align herself with the wrong people. 

Ian terry
Photo via CBS

She’s found herself on the block already and lost her best friend in the game, so she thought she was going to be on the right side of this vote. 

David has been struggling to be trustworthy in the game, and that’s why it was easy for Da’Vonne to believe Nicole voted with her than David. 

Nicole played it up well for the cameras, but David’s persistence started to make Kevin think that he was telling the truth. 

If Da’Vonne and Kevin find out and gun for Nicole and Dani, it could make things interesting. 

Da'Vonne Rogers

Memphis made a deal with David, but the way he went about it was absurd. Telling David not to win the POV, and he would be in an alliance was dumb. 

It was dumber that David believed it because Memphis made it clear in the Diary Room that David is his target. 

Ahead of the nominations, we got the new Have-Not picks for the week, with Da’Vonne choosing Christmas and David choosing Cody. 

Neither of the new have-nots were happy and made that known to the others. What did they expect? It’s a freaking game. 

Photo via CBS

In the end, Memphis nominated Da’Vonne and Kevin for eviction, but with the veto up for grabs, Memphis will want to get his target on the block for eviction. 

What do you think of the plan to frame David? Was it genius or cruel?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Wednesday at 8/7c.