Jinger Duggar Mourns Kobe Bryant, Somehow Gets Trashed on Twitter

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Jinger Duggar dared to go there this week, you guys.

The polarizing reality television star really did it, people.

She actually went online and expressed sadness over the death of Kobe Bryant.

Jinger Duggar and Her Hubby

How dare she do such a thing, right?!?

We're being sarcastic, of course, but a bunch of Internet trolls out there were dead serious in criticizing Jinger for commenting on this past Monday's celebration of life at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

In case you missed it, thousands of mourners gathered a couple days ago to pay tribute to Kobe, his daughter Gianna and the other victims of last month's fatal helicopter crash.

Kobe's widow, Vanessa Bryant, gave an especially powerful and emotional speech about her loved ones on stage.

Jinger Duggar With the New Hair

Jinger, it seems, was watching the memorial unfold on TV... and reacted to it in similar fashion to all the other people with a pulse who were also doing so at the time.

"No words,” wrote Jinger as a simple caption to a screen shot of Vanessa eulogizing her husband and daughter, adding both crying and broken heart emojis.

Check out the screen shot here:

jinger and vanessa

Not much to see here or say here, right?

And yet... many people online saw something amiss with Jinger's response to this tragedy and then said a lot about it online.

“She just wants to show the world she watches TV now,” one user wrote, emphasizing how this sort of defies her family's rules and Jinger is all about that these days.

“She thinks being a Lakers fan will get LA to love her. She’ll be disappointed,” another person commented, while a third chimed in as follows:

“It’s a trendy move for her to jump on the ‘Mamba Love’ movement to look like she’s relevant."

Jinger Duggar on Thanksgiving

Jeepers, everyone.

Even if we grant that Jinger is probably not a huge NBA fan or a particularly big Kobe fan, this was still a tragedy that hit close to home for millions of people around the world.

The famous athlete, after all, was killed along with his 13-year old daughter -- on the way to coaching her basketball team, no less -- and he left behind a wife and three other kids.

Jinger, of course, has a daughter of her own -- and it's pretty easy to see how reading about Kobe's death and life and then seeing his widow on stage could have elicited such a reaction on her behalf.

Jeremy Vuolo on Christmas

Then again, Jinger has been a target of disdain on social media for months now.

Just a few days ago, she thanked a long-time servant for often doing her laundry, which only made her sound like a white person with tons of privilege to many observers.

She was attacked not long before that for her seemingly lavish lifestyle.

Some of that it and was fair game. Jinger is far from perfect.

But to attack someone for sharing just a bit of sadness over someone else dying? Come on, folks. Do better.

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