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After the entie world watched Duane Chapman propose to Moon Angell, a lot of fans are scrambling to learn who Moon is.

But Lyssa Chapman has known Moon for a long time, and she’s not afraid to speak her monda bout her "unhealthy" family background.

Lyssa Chapman Outdoors

Little Lyssa is a grown woman and a mother, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care about her father or waht he does.

Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman has been at odds with his daughter as she has put Moon Angell on blast and exposed her business to the world.

Now, on Instagram, in the aftermath of Duane’s apparent proposal to Moon in a Doctor Oz clip, Lyssa is shading her childhood.

"If you didn’t come from a healthy family," a piece of advice that she shared reads, "make sure a healthy family comes from you"

The advice that she shared to her Instagram Stories is very good advice for countless people.

Lyssa has been open about the struggles that she and her siblings faced during their childhood.

The Chapman family is both large and complicated, and Lyssa has alleged instances of sexual abuse and drug addiction in their family.

But her issues at the moment are not about her childhood, but rather about what Duane is doing without Beth by his side.

Beth Chapman and Duane Chapman for Dog's Most Wanted

Beth Chapman died in June of 2019 after a lengthy battle with throat cancer. Her grim passing was dreaded by everyone, especially Duane.

For months, he struggled with the grief, at one point being hospitalized due to his compromised health.

Then, late last year, Lyssa called him out on Twitter for allowing Moon Angell to "replace" Beth in his household.

Moon was a longtime employee and personal assistant who, according to Lyssa, had previously dated one of her brothers.

Another Chapman daughter, Cecily, also called out Moon in early Janury of 2020.

Apparently, it didn’t convince Duane to budge. His response to the scandal was to take Moon and appear on Doctor Oz together.

The episode will not air for a few more days, but a teaser clip — which we have included with this video — shows a jaw-dropping moment.

At one point, Duane appears to propose to Moon. He literally asks for her hand in marriage, prompting her to become visibly shocked.

Duane Chapman and Moon Angell

We don’t know the context of that proposal and we also do not know Moon’s answer, if she gives him one at that time.

But according to Lyssa, this was not Duane’s first attempt to "get ahead of the story" after she began to call out Moon.

According to his daughter, Duane called Lyssa and threatened to expose her past suicide attempts to the world if she didn’t back off of Moon.

Instead, Lyssa opted to tell the world herself, ensuring that she could not be blackmailed by her own father or by anyone else.

Duane Chapman Interview Pic

On the one hand, Duane is a man wrapped up in grief and mourning, and he has been for the past seven months.

Yes, for Lyssa, it was shocking to open Beth’s own closet only to find another woman’s belongings moved in.

But different people move on at different rates.

Maybe making Moon his sixth wife is the only way that Duane feels that he can make life worth living in his post-Beth existence.

Lyssa herself as admitted that her father is a grown man who is entitled to make his own mistakes, no matter what they do to his legacy.

Her bone to pick with with Moon, whom she believes is taking advantage of the family — and not the first to do so after this tragedy.

Lyssa is absolutely entitled to her opinion, and of course has every right to harbor and express resentments over her childhood.

We’re glad that she’s not paying forward her own experiences and instead provided a better childhood for her own children. That’s the goal.