Kodak Black: Arrested With Drugs, Weapons at U.S. Border

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Fans were aghast after rapper Kodak Black was a no-show to his own concert, canceling after they had waited for hours.

Even his team was at a loss to explain it. But it turns out, however, that he had a very good excuse for ghosting them.

Kodak couldn't perform because he was too busy being arrested.

Kodak Black mugshot

Wednesday night, TMZ reported that Kodak Black had abruptly canceled a Boston concert at the last minute.

After waiting for hours at the House of Blues only for Kodak the cancel and police to clear out the venue, fans were pissed.

TMZ reached out to multiple members of Kodak's team to find out what was up.

Bizarrely, no one seemed to know why the gig was canceled, where Kodak was, or how to contact him or those traveling with him.

He had just played another show on Saturday night.

Within just a few days, he had ghosted his own people.

Kodak Black Image

Hours later, however, the mystery of Kodak's absence had been solved.

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, TMZ reported that Kodak had been arrested.

The rapper was arrested at the U.S. border on weapons charges and on drug charges.

Apparently, Kodak and three companions were stopped by a U.S. Customs Agent on Wednesday.

Customs discovered the contraband and arrested him.

Kodak Black in red

The specific charges were criminal possession of a weapon -- which is a felony -- and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Multiple sources spoke to TMZ about it and explained some of the context.

For whatever reason, between Kodak's Saturday show in Detroit and his Wednesday show in Boston, he'd gone silent ... and to Canada.

He was caught at the border on his way back the U.S. and allegedly had at least two guns in his possession. Yikes.

He was held on a $20,000 cash bond or a $40,000 bond.

Kodak Black

At slightly more reasonable hours on Thursday morning, TMZ obtained further specifics.

According to police, Kodak and two others attempted to reenter the United States at the Lewiston-Queenston International Bridge.

They were traveling in a Cadillac Escalade and had only a temporary California registration.

Apparently Kodak himself was driving (literally what's the point of being a celebrity, then?).

Officers allegedly discovered weed on him and decided to search the entire vehicle.

During the search, they allegedly found a Glock 9mm pistol, though no one in the Escalade declared ownership of it.

Kodak Black in a creepy mask

And then there was the car accompanying them -- a Porsche with three occupants.

The Porsche's driver admitted to police that he was in possession of two loaded handguns.

... And then a third was found in the vehicle's trunk.

You know what else was in the trunk? More marijuana.

According to a law enforcement source, one of the guns had an odd and even alarming design.

"AK-style handgun with a 30-round magazine," the source describes. "It looks like an AK, but it's a handgun."

Kodak Black Photo

Stetson President and Madarrow Smith were arrested for criminal possession of a weapon.

The driver of the Porsche, named Jeantony Saintmelus, was arrested for both criminal possession of a weapon and for possession of marijuana.

Kodak was too busy being arrested to attend his show in Boston.

His tour bus did show up to that venue, however.

It ended up being surrounded by a massive crowd of furious fans who protested his no-show status.

Perhaps now they'll understand that he intended to make it, but it apparently wasn't as high a priority as doing crimes.

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