Kendall Jenner On Kylie's Pregnancy Rumors & Why She Missed The Family Christmas Card!

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Kendall Jenner made a visit to Ellen on Friday! 

But, before getting into the latest family drama, Kendall had something serious to discuss with the comedian. 

Kendall Jenner in Total Shock

"Honestly, I was a little offended that I haven't ever been scared before," she told Ellen. "I feel like all my family members have been scared, and you got my mom really good last time."

Yes, probably the best scare in the history of scares.

Kris falling over out of pure fear and claiming that she "wet her pants" was way too good to not re-share with the audience. 

Kris Jenner Reacts

But, Ellen was prepared for Kendall this time and not only had one scare staged for the model but two! 

And though the first one, which featured snakes falling from the ceiling, surprisingly didn't make the model jump, scream or cry the prankster queen had another trick up her sleeve. 

While Ellen was busy distracting Kendall with boyfriend questions, a large man dressed up as mom Kris Jenner, popped out of a box.

Honestly, it got us all. 

The successful scare pleased the reality star and the two continued on with the more important stuff... you know like addressing whether or not her sister is actually pregnant and the real reason why she missed out on her family Christmas card. 

Kylie Jenner sparked all kinds of internet buzz when she "posted a pic of her and Travis Scott getting very cozy with the cryptic caption, baby #2," according to Toofab.  

Kylie Jenner Embrace

Ellen figured it was a pregnancy reveal, along with the rest of us, but Kendall had a different explanation. 

"I think she was just like, 'we are looking good and we are really into one another' and maybe baby number two is gonna happen," Kendall responded. 

"They're practicing, right?" she asked. "Is that what you call it?

Ellen joked back saying "I don't call it anything." But, we get you, Kendall. It's just practice! 

Kylie Jenner is Engaged?

Which tells us that Kylie and the rapper do intend on having more babies together in the future, which could be right around the corner. 

I hope the couple doesn't continue to test out their baby reveal announcement via Instagram because we can't handle all the false hope.

The talk show host also covered a never before discussed topic (a joke) about why Kendall missed out on the Kardashian Christmas card.

Kardashian Christmas Card 2018

But her excuse was nothing thrilling: 

"We were on set all day and we hadn't really planned a Christmas card," Kendall said. "Kim was like we're all ready why don't we just do a Christmas card, and I was like, "I gotta go. I had to run with my mom to somewhat of a work thing, so we didn't really have time." 

But, she was totally cool with the final product and thought the moms and their kids all looked great.

She did have some fun however with all the online jokes and even horribly photoshopped her face into the card. 

Kendall Jenner: A Selfie

Kim Kardashian did admit that she felt bad her sister missed the picture and actually considered doing a professional add-in of the 23-year-old. 

Overall, the Ellen episode shared some fascinating highlights of Kenny finally getting spooked and that Kylie is not pregnant with baby #2...yet?

Luckily for us, the Kardashians will tell all in the new season which comes out this March! 

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