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Is Jackie Goldschneider on a mission to become the most-hated housewife? 

Wednesday’s episode put the new housewife on the outs with Jennifer Aydin, and while the latter has proven to be self-absorbed and overbearing, we have to side with her. 

Jackie wrote an article about parenting in a local newspaper, apparently trying to capitalize on the fame of being part of the cast of one of Bravo’s most popular series. 

Jackie Goldschneider and Jennifer Aydin Fight

However, the article appeared to be a dig at the way Jennifer raises her own kids. 

The action kicked into high gear at Joe and Melissa Gorga’s son’s first communion. Yeah, because there’s always an event to stir the pot on these shows. 

Jackie immediately approached Jennifer at the event upon walking in and started talking about her beef with Teresa Giudice. 

"So when we walked in, I felt bad because I’m in such a weird place with Teresa," Jackie said, acting as though there was no article.

"I feel like it’s just awkward. I said something to her that she took offense to that I did not mean to be offensive. I’m also not gonna go grovel and be like, ‘I f–ked up. I’m sorry.’"

Jennifer Aydin Promotes The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jennifer was not about to let Jackie gloss over the article, so she changed the subject without taking a breather. 

"Do you feel that certain things should be off limits, like husbands and children? Would you agree with that?" Jennifer asked Jackie who seemingly agreed. 

"Then why would you write an article that references to my kids being spoiled?" Jennifer asked a stunned Jackie.

"Did I say anything untrue?" Jackie responded.

"I felt there was a lot of judgment there," Jennifer complained.

"I didn’t write your name, I didn’t say one negative thing about your children, I didn’t even say anything negative about you," Jackie replied.

Jackie Goldschneider Has Regrets

Jennifer admitted to the cameras that she was "pissed" and "not backing down’ and eager to ‘rip [Jackie] a new one."

Jennifer went on to say the following:

"You are not like, ‘Oh, I couldn’t help but wonder, could I write this article without seeming like a pompous, judgmental a**hole?’"


Jackie realized that her friendships were fast falling apart, and set out to salvage her relationship with Teresa and asked if they could meet at another time and chat about things. 

"She’s f–king delusional!" Teresa screamed at the cameras, adding:

"If Jackie thinks that this is gonna be a nice sit-down, she’s got another thing coming."

Teresa Giudice Promotes RHONJ

Jackie should probably be scared. Teresa’s family is off-limits, and this feud is going to get crazier as the weeks go by. 

What are your thoughts on all the fighting?

Hit the comments below. 

RHONJ continues Wednesdays on Bravo.