Shauna Sexton's Mom SLAMS Ben Affleck: He's So Old and Drunk!

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It's been a strange few months in the life of Ben Affleck.

And it all seems to have started back in August, when Affleck started dating Shauna Sexton.

Ben Affleck-Shauna Sexton

While it's unfair to blame the 22-year-old Playboy model for Affleck's latest relapse (dude seemed to have no trouble getting hammered on his own), it's hard to ignore that his latest fall from the wagon coincided with the start of his new relationship.

Fortunately, Ben's estranged wife, Jennifer Garner, was able to intervene, and Affleck checked into rehab shortly after he and Shauna began their bender together.

These days, it's unclear what's going on with Affleck and his latest love interest.

Shauna Sexton on Insta

Sources say Ben and Shauna have broken up, but they recently vacationed in Montana together, and he's still all over her Instagram page.

So while they may not be officially dating anymore, it sounds as though Ben still has still involvement in Shauna's life.

And it seems Shauna's mother very much wishes that wasn't the case.

Suzette Sexton recently spoke to Radar Online about her daughter's new high-profile beau.

Shauna Sexton Catches a Fish

And based on her comments, we're guessing she wishes Shauna would find someone closer to her own age ... who doesn't have three kids ... and who isn't a raging alcoholic.

“He’s my age!” Suzette told the outlet.

“Would you be ok with your daughter dating a man with three kids, third time in rehab, and unstable as F?”

Ben Affleck Snapshot

Despite her many misgivings about Ben, Suzette says she's encouraged Shauna to bring him home to Virginia for a visit.

"He would feel right at home," Suzette says.

If only Suzette had added "there are moonshine stills for his drunk ass all over them thar hills."

She would've instantly been granted the title of 2018's Realest Shade Queen.

Ben Affleck and a Fan

We kid Ben, of course.

He deserves all the credit in the world for addressing his problem and taking important steps toward recovery.

Similarly, it seems Suzette harbors no ill will toward Affleck -- she just thinks the Oscar winner should find himself a more fitting partner.

"We are a good family," Suzette says.

Ben Affleck Smiling

"We might not always agree with each other’s decisions but we stand by our choices and if it means to love another despite our faults then we do so!” she told Radar.

Ultimately, it sounds like Suzette is a loving mom who's concerned for her young daughter living 3,000 miles from home.

And quite understandably, she feels that a newly rehabbed, famously temperamental actor isn't the most stable companion for Shauna.

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