Kate Gosselin: I Hate Hannah Living With Jon and I'm Gonna GET HER BACK!!

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We have learned a lot about Jon and Kate Gosselin's twisted battle for Hannah, who is allegedly currently living with her father.

Yes, for the first time in her life, the teeanger is free from Kate's clutches ... and for Jon, this marks a stunning turn of events.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin

Unfortunately, a lot about Hannah's current situation remains unclear, except for the fact that Kate and Jon are butting heads in court.

Now, a source close to the Gosselin sheds a little more clarity on the whole situation.

According to what a source tells Life & Style, Kate is agonizing over this very complicated situation with Hannah and Jon.

"Kate is trying to be supportive of the situation," the insider claims.

Jon Gosselin, Hannah

Is she, though? She's been fighting a vaguely defined court battle with Jon recently.

"But the truth is," the source reveals. "She hates that Hannah chose Jon over her."

Now that is something that people have an easy time believing.

The insider shares that Kate is worried about a domino effect taking place among her children.

"The problem," the insider explains. "Is that the kids are getting older and they're starting to ask questions."


We all reach a point at which we realize that our parents are just people, and that we shouldn't take their word at face value.

"Some are still Team Mom," the source continues. "But Team Dad is growing."

The insider dishes that: "It's a very divided household."

In our earlier report, we mentioned how Jon and Kate were simply unable to get along, and that they're still waging war in court.

"It's never going to end," the insider lamented.

Kate, Kids

Perhaps it will by the time that all of their children are adults.

"Even now, after all these years," the source says. "Jon's still trying to show the world that Kate's the furthest thing from a great mom."

We think that most of the world has a pretty good idea of exactly the sort of mother that Kate is -- even if Kate doesn't realize it herself.

As we mentioned, it is normal for people to realize that their parents can make mistakes and are just older human beings.

In the case of Jon and Kate's eight children, however, they're not an ordinary family.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin Get Ice Cream

Their parents decided to raise them on reality television.

Kate in particular is widely seen to be a nightmarish and aggressive human being and has been accused of abuse.

Jon looks better, in contrast, because he's just seen as a loser.

Now that their children are getting older, they're going to be able to look at their lives and their childhoods and realize how abnormal things really are in their lives with Kate.

That doesn't mean that they'll all go running to Jon.

For one thing, he clearly cannot afford to take care of them all.

For another, however, some kids will cling to the life that they've known. Kind of like how some kids escape from cults when they're older, but others refuse to stray.

Hannah - and, arguably, Collin - is stepping away from the life she's known and becoming her own person.

Which means that Kate is losing her iron grip on her kids.

That means an unhappy Kate, who is absolutely going to take it out on Jon in court in an effort to win back control.

So, yeah, they might keep fighitng for years.

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