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90 Day Fiance star Jorge Nava has reported to prison to begin serving out his 2.5 year sentence after he was caught in Arizona with a massive amount of marijuana.

We now know more details about his incarceration, including where he has been locked up and his expected release date.

But considering how far he is from Anfisa, some wonder if his marriage will survive his prison sentence.

Jorge Nava New Mug Shot
Photo via Arizona Department of Corrections

Jorge Nava donned prison orange for his new mugshot at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Phoenix.

Though his sentence is for 2.5 years, his earliest chance to leave prison will be in 22 months.

According to Starcasm, Jorge’s release date is scheduled for August 9 2020.

His prison records also show that his full sentence will end on November 7 2020.

Spending more than two years in custody is a huge chunk of a person’s life — but it’s much better than the quarter of a century that he might have faced at trial.

Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko Discuss His Prison Sentence
Photo via YouTube

He was apparently transferred to this Phoenix facility from another prison complex in the state.

Jorge is currently about 5 and a half hours from Anfisa, meaning that she has one hell of a journey if she wants to come and see her husband.

We’re sure that she will, but we’re also sure that she’s a full-time student right now and that making a journey like that can eat up your time and money.

Speaking of money, some have wondered if Anfisa will return to cam girl work to pay the bills while Jorge is behind bars.

Given her current life circumstances and her fame, it seems more likely that she will try to stay afloat using her YouTube channel — or perhaps by running Jorge’s business.

Jorge Nava Mug Shot
Photo via Mojave County Police

Jorge believes that he may have been racially profiled, which would explain why his vehicle happened to be stopped.

Unfortunately, though marijuana is thankfully legal in California, it remains illegal in Arizona, where strict prohibition laws are enforced.

Jorge struck a deal in which he pleaded guilty to a lesser offense in exchange for a shorter sentence than he would have risked at trial.

Jorge also declined to appeal his sentence upon advice from his attorney.

The perception was that his judge wanted to make an example of him, perhaps because he is a reality TV personality, and that an appeal could have made things owrse.

Anfisa Reacts
Photo via YouTube

Some think that Anfisa may just leave Jorge. She’s young and hot and he’s going to be locked away until it’s almost 2021.

No one could reasonably accuse her of running a citizenship scheme if she only leaves her husband when he’s behind bars.

But let’s look at this this way:

She came from Moscow to America to marry Jorge because she thought that he was rich — at least, that was a contributing factor. He’s not rich.

Last year, he also basically called her out, implying that she was supporting herself by doing sex work, on 90 Day Fiance. They’re still married.

Anfisa and Jorge Kiss
Photo via YouTube

If none of that was enough of a dealbreaker for Anfisa to cut her ties with Jorge, then it’s hard to imagine that she’s just going to abandon ship because he’s in prison.

That said, in six months or a year, she may feel differently when Jorge is out of the picture.

It will be interesting to see how their relationship develops — or falls apart — and fans are hopeful that 90 Day Fiance‘s cameras will be there, somehow, to capture that storyline.

Even if TLC passes on this opportunity, fans can still tune in to Anfisa’s YouTube channel.