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Hailey Baldwin is engaged to Justin Bieber.

We repeat: Hailey Baldwin is engaged to Justin Bieber.

No matter how many times we read stories about this development and/or how many times we write them ourselves, we still find the entire thing hard to believe.

Hailey Baldwin in Cannes

The model and the singer, after all, carried on a mere fling for a few months in 2015/2016 and then started sucking face again a few weeks ago and… that’s it.

That connection and that time together has apparently been enough for each star to believe he/she wants to spend eternity with the other.

On Saturday night, Bieber popped the major question to Baldwin while the two were on vacation in the Bahamas, doing so in front of dozens of onlookers at a hotel in the tropics.

According to an Entertainment Tonight source, the artist "had been planning to ask her for a couple weeks," despite having only reconciled with Hailey romantically like six weeks ago.

This same insider added:

"Hailey is over the moon with joy. [They] can’t stop telling their friends and family how excited they are for their journey together.

"The two have always had a great bond, and it is stronger now than ever."

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Selfie

After digesting this stunning news, we were left with a couple of main questions:

1. How would Selena Gomez react?

2. What does Baldwin’s engagement ring look like?

We sort of have the answer to the first question already, while multiple social media users have tried to provide us with the answer to the second.

Bieber and Baldwin flaunted their love for each other on Sunday, openly hanging out and drinking at a bar in these same Bahamas.

As a result, multiple fellow patrons were able to sneak a few photos of the engaged celebrities, with many trying to hone in one Hailey’s ring finger.

This is probably the best snapshot we have yet of Baldwin’s new, giant sparkler:

Hailey Baldwin Ring

"well my friend just met justin bieber and hailey baldwin in the bahamas and she is wearing a ring," reads the caption to this revealing image.

The pal told the person who posted this picture that Bieber and Baldwin looked “very happy and relaxed.”

There was also the following photograph, snapped on the same day at the same place:

Biebs And Baldwin

This one does not give us the same candid look at Hailey, but it does give us a look at the couple hanging out, just having a fun time.

Said a source to People Magazine of the singer:

"Justin has been extremely happy these past few weeks. He has known Hailey for a long time. This might seem sudden, but they know each other very well.”

That’s fair, we guess.

Just because the two haven’t been getting it on for a year or something doesn’t mean they haven’t shared an emotional connection for a very long time.

Here’s another glimpse at Bieber and Baldwin at this same establishment yesterday:

At A Bar

"They were really cute and sweet together!" said a witness to E! News, adding:

"They had to leave because there were so many fans."

This is something Baldwin will need to adjust to often going forward.

She said back in 2016 that it was difficult to date someone as famous Bieber… and now she’s engaged to him!

Might the pressure become too much? Will she be able to withstand the constant glare of the spotlight and the paparazzi?

In short, will Hailey and Justin make it down the aisle?

Once you put your eyes back in their sockets and pick up your shocked jaw from the floor, let us know what you think!