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It’s been almost three weeks since the world learned that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant with his child.

And in that time, a whole lot has changed for Khloe.

Khloe Kardashian on Insta

For one thing, she welcomed her first child, a girl named True Thompson.

On top of that, she kicked Tristan out of his own home and has now taken up residence in the Cleveland Cavs forward’s mansion by herself.

(And by "by herself," of course, we mean in the company of an army of hangers-on and nannies.)

But remarkably, Khloe has stopped short of ending her relationship with Tristan for good.

In fact, despite her previous tough stance on infidelity, it seems she has every intention of working things out with her philandering baby daddy.

Khloe Kardashian with the Smooch

Remember those rumors about Khloe and Tristan getting married?

Yeah, believe it or not, the wedding planning process has been temporarily put on hold, but not called off entirely.

And those who know the family best say the rest of the Kard clan is flat-out stunned that Khloe has decided to offer Tristan another chance.

One insider tells the E! (the network that made the Kardashians famous and usually has an inside track on this sort of thing) that Khloe “has a big heart and is very forgiving,” adding:

“She doesn’t see herself as a single mom at all. She’s taking one day at a time and doing the best she can for her daughter.”

Kradling Khloe

By contrast, Khloe’s mother and sisters are reportedly “very angry with Tristan and having a hard time coming to terms with” and are having a tough time coming to terms with the fact that he might soon marry into their family.

In fact, the Kards flew into Cleveland to be by Khloe’s side while she gave birth … and then they immediately high-tailed it back to LA.

“The trip wasn’t supposed to be so short,” E! claims.

“But tensions between the new mom and her family exploded during the visit…the Kardashians blew up at [Khloe], then decided to leave.”

"The family has given Khloe an ultimatum: ‘It’s Tristan or us,’" a source tells In Touch Weekly.

Mom and Dad Pic

"They had a huge bust-up, where Kim accused Khloe of being a ‘love addict’ and urged her to get help," the insider adds.

"Khloe told Kim to mind her own business. But none of the family can stand to be around Tristan. Kris told him to his face that she was disgusted by his behavior."

Sources say Khloe is torn between her desire to start a family with Tristan and her loyalty to the family she already has:

"She says she’s not ready to walk away from the whole thing, and they’re like, ‘What are you doing?’" says one informant.

The situation is complicated, of course, by the fact that Tristan’s team just advanced to the second round of the NBA playoffs, largely thanks to a comeback game 7 performance from Thompson, who’s been lackluster on the court in recent weeks.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Kiss

Khloe is reportedly very wary about perpetuating the idea of the "Kardashian curse" and incurring the wrath of an entire sports-obsessed city.

“Tristan is in the middle of a playoff run,” says one insider, “and having Kim shade him publicly is not good for him or his team. He feels she’s messing with his NBA championship which is not cool at all.”

So at the very least, it seems Khloe will be delaying her final decision until after the Cavs playoff run comes to an end – but even then her sisters might not get the outome they’re hoping for.

"She’s lonely, but she’s very stubborn," a source tells In Touch.

"She wants the fairy-tale ending she’s always dreamed of and will do anything to get it."