The Voice Recap: The Battle Rounds Kick Off!

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The Battle Rounds are a go!

On Monday's episode of The Voice, it was time for the lucky people who made it through the blind auditions to be benchmarked against each other. 

Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton on The Voice

In true The Voice fashion, some of the pairings were random and felt very one-sided. 

But let's break down the six battles of the night. 

Team Alicia: Sharane Calister vs. Jamai - “Mercy”

Sharan proved in her audition that she was a force to be reckoned with, and she did not disappoint during her battle with Jamal. 

Her vocals were solid, and she definitely had the upper hand on Jamal throughout. For Jamal, it became clear that charm can only help you skate by for so long. 

Winner: Sharane

The Voice Season 14 Panel

Team Kelly: Brynn Cartelli vs. Dylan Hartigan -  “…Ready for It?”

This battle was close as hell. Brynn and Dylan had very different auditions, so there was no way to tell pre-performance which one of them would win. 

The battle was high-octane and filled with moments that were memorable. That's why it was good one was saved, while another got a reprieve. 

Winner: Brynn

Steal: Dylan to Team Blake 

Team Blake: Kyla Jade  vs. JessLee - “One Last Time”

Giving both of these women an Ariana Grande song to tackle was a downright bizarre move that made us wonder whether Blake even cared about their progression.

Kyla struggled to make it her own, and she was clearly still acting like a backup dancer. JessLee sounded much better, so it was mind-boggling that Kyla advanced. 

Winner: Kyla Jade

Kelly Clarkson, The Voice Season 14

Team Adam: Rayshun LaMarr vs. Tish Haynes Keys - “Sweet Thing”

If you asked us before the performance, we would have said that Tish would have emerged from the battle as a winner. 

But Rayshun appeared on the stage, and his voice had definitely improved somewhat from his previous performance. 

It was a tight race to the finish line, and we had no idea who was going to emerge as the winner. 

Winner: Rayshun

Steal: Tish to Team Kelly

Team Alicia: Christiana Danielle vs. Shana Halligan -  “Use Somebody”

There was really no competition here. Christiana's vocal range was something Shana could only dream of hitting. 

There would have been outrage if Shana secured the win. 


The Voice Season 14 Coaching Panel

Team Kelly: D.R. King vs. Jackie Foster -  “Sign of the Times”

Things took a wild turn when D.R. King went to battle with Jackie Foster. This was the best battle in quite some time. 

D.R. came out smelling of roses while Jackie was solid, but not strong enough to win this round. 

Winner: D.R. King

Steal: Jackie to Team Adam

Okay, what did you think of the latest round of battles?

Hit the comments below. 

The Voice continues tonight on NBC!

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