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To no one’s surprise, the briefly amicable divorce between Shannon and David Beador is turning very, very ugly.

David has been trying to push the narrative that starring on The Real Housewives of Orange County made Shannon an alcoholic, so he should get more time with them.

Shannon is hitting back — and David’s getting accused of having multiple affairs.


This is one nasty divorce.

David decided to accuse Shannon of drinking too much, and even went so far as to allege that she’s not encouraging the couple’s three daughters, Adeline, Sophie, and Stella to spend time with him.

(That second part might be a divorce tactic … but some wonder if that’s also what David tells himself to explain why his daughters may be unhappy with him)

RadarOnline report that Shannon’s friends are eager to expose David Beador’s bad behavior — because they’re incensed about his unkind words.

"Shannon’s friends and family are so angry about all of this. She’s a great mom!"

And they have specific ammunition in mind when it comes to firing back.

Shannon Beador and David Beador, Selfie
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The source continues:

"Plus, everyone knows that David cheated on Shannon with more women than just one."

Famously, David had a lengthy affair with a family friend a few years ago.

"They are determined to prove more affairs because his credibility will, once again, be shot."

They say that David can’t keep his secrets buried forever.

"Orange County isn’t the kind of place where things go unnoticed, nor is it a place where people can keep secrets!"

Well, plenty of people might keep secrets living anywhere, but that becomes harder when you’re in the spotlight — and the husband of a Real Housewife is certainly in the spotlight.

David and Shannon Beador, Sports Photo
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The couple returned to court Friday to continue to argue over spousal support.

As you may recall, Shannon accused David of hiding money during their divorce — a very common tactic.

But while we’re sure that the conflict between these two will continue as this divorce grows more contentious, they were ordered to sit down for a settlement conference beforehand.

No one’s holding their breath for that to resolve everything, however.

In the mean time, David is facing more consequences for his accusations against Shannon’s alleged drinking than just angering Shannon’s friends.

Shannon Beador and Her Daughters
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RadarOnline also reports that Shannon Beador’s daughters are standing by their mother.

"The girls are honestly old enough to make up their own minds and them wanting to be with their mom is a direct result of how their father treated their mother."

Sophie is 16, while twins Stella and Adeline are each 12.

As we all heard, David stopped loving Shannon when she gained weight, and this led to the two of them leading separate lives.

Difficult to imagine for anyone who married their spouse out of love instead of for their body.

Also, apparently the girls still haven’t forgiven David for cheating on their mother.

"For years they had to witness their fighting, and they were there for the entire time that their father cheated on their mom, as well as the aftermath it caused. They vowed to never let a man treat them that way."

David and Shannon Beador in 2015
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The source continues, praising Shannon’s children.

"That being said, those girls are stronger than they have ever been and are going to continue to support their mom because of what they are going through."

David, in the mean time, appears to be complaining in legal documents because Shannon isn’t forcing their daughters to spend time with him.

It doesn’t sound like his daughters loved the way that he treated their mom during the marriage.

It’s hard to imagine that they’re loving how he’s treating her during the divorce.