Survivor Recap: Who Won Season 35?

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It was the end of the line for the castaways on Survivor Season 35 Episode 13 as a winner was crowned. 

When the episode kicked off, Ben Driebergen, Chrissy Hofbeck, Devon Pinto, Ryan Ulrich, and Mike Zahalsky were the five castaways still in the running to take home $1 million.

Everyone was very much against Ben.

If you watch Survivor online, you will already know that Ben has taken on the villain role with pride this season, so it made sense that the other four knew taking him out would likely solidify them a win. 

The first immunity challenge of the night signalled an easy victory for Chrissy. It was her third solo competition win of the season, so she's a force to be reckoned with at this stage. 

She invited Mike and Devon along with her to a dinner she won for three and left Ryan and Ben back at the camp. Earlier in the episode, Chrissy tried to build a bridge with Ben in the hope that he would take her to the end over the guys, so Ben was especially mad at being left out. 

Chrissy Hofbeck

Mike tried to find a way to rattle Ben, so he came up with a plan to say that the three from the dinner had found the idol. The only issue with the plan was that Ben had found the idol earlier in the episode. 

Ben got the last laugh at the Tribal Council when he showed off the idol in all its glory. The others looked exasperated because they thought it was time to get rid of him. 

Mike was then sent home, and he was not impressed. Would anyone be good with going home at the last hurdle? 

Mike Zahalsky

Ben knew he needed to win the final immunity challenge, but Chrissy secured yet another win. Two wins in one episode are quite the accomplishment, and the win came with a secret advantage. 

Chrissy got to choose someone to advance with her while the other two duked it out. Chrissy chose Ryan, and that meant Ben and Devon had to compete in a fire-making challenge. 

Ben beat the odds once again and advanced to the final three. See! He totally deserves to win, you guys!

The final Tribal Council was filled with choice words between the final three as they tried to get the jury to vote their way.

But who got the most votes? 

  • Ryan got one vote. 
  • Chrissy got two votes. 
  • Ben got four votes. 

That means Ben secured the win and is the victor of Survivor Season 35!

Ben Driebergen

What do you think of the winner?

Was Ben worthy?

Sound off below.  

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