Alexis Skyy: Pregnant with Fetty Wap's Baby?!?

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Baby mama drama may be headed to Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

According to various reports and social media messages, Alexis Skyy may very well be pregnant with Fetty Wap’s child.

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Yes, the same Fetty Wap with whom Skyy was seriously involved… until the rapper went ahead and knocked up Masika Kalysha.

Yes, the same Masika Kalysha with whom Skyy co-stars on the aforementioned VH1 reality series.

It's complicated, we know.

And it all may be storyline fodder for the show, but this is why fans believe Skyy truly is expecting:

On September 19, the Z-Lister shared an Instagram photo in which she's lying on a bed with her stomach exposed, alongside a plate of fruit.

The caption? Simply a heart emoji.

As soon as followers started to speculate in the Comments section that this photo implied Skyy was pregnant, Alexis deleted the image.

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Meanwhile, Skyy and Wap just started following each other once again on social media, while Kalysha appeared to chime in on the scandal via a couple Tweets last week.

"Spoiler alert Abuick Dirt is planning a BIG REVEAL at the reunion. she's gonna shock me by saying she's pregnant wit waps 27th child. egad!" wrote Kalysha, followed by:

"I'll run off the stage crying & everyone will clutch their pearls & the world will care & she will hope for a season 5 contract."

For the record, Fetty Wap does not have 26 kids. He has three at the moment.

His oldest is a five-year old son, whose mother is the artist’s ex-girlfriend, Reese.

The second is a girl Wap had with a woman named Lezhae Zeona.

And the third is another daughter Fetty has with Kalysha.

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The rapper, who originally denied knocking Kalysha up before coming clean several weeks later, made an appearance on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's fourth episode of its third season, "Mama Beef."

So this wouldn't be the first time the program has relied on Fetty's sperm to fuel a storyline.

After Masika took to social media to share the Tweets above, Alexis clapped back in a lengthy post to Snapchat, telling her nemesis to "stop f-cking worrying abut me."

But we have a feeling producers want nothing more than for these ladies to outwardly and publicly worry about each other.

Fetty Wap

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will air its next new episodes on September 25.

It will then air its reunion some time next month, we believe, which is when we'll supposedly learn whether or not Alexis Skyy really is pregnant.

If so, let's hope Fetty steps up and accepts his responsibilities.

Because it's important to remember: any guy can become a dad. But it takes a real man to be a father.

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