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Courtney Stodden — depending on who you ask, she’s either a modern day Marilyn Monroe or a real-life Jessica Rabbit, and possibly both.

After six years of marriage, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison have split and are in the process of divorcing. But they’re not exactly in a rush.

Courtney’s offering an update, on that divorce but also on her life, in a new interview.

Courtney Stodden Car Selfie

A lot of television personalities are an acquired taste — at best — but it’s hard to imagine someone actually disliking Courtney Stodden.

Like … we’re pretty sure that she has done nothing wrong, ever, in her life.

She has a beautiful singing voice, even though some of her songs can be super raunchy.

(Surely you remember Courtney Stodden’s filthy Christmas music video for "Mistletoe Bikini")

Her song, "Asphalt," is actually super catchy (I’ve caught myself singing it plenty of times … and almost nonstop when the city repaved my street).

She’s also just a total sweetheart.

She got married to Doug when she was 16 and he was 51.

Courtney is now 22 — she’ll actually turn 23 next week! She’s had a lot of personal growth, and we’ve been hoping that her process of moving on is going smoothly.

Courtney Stodden Drinks Mimosas

Well, Courtney Stodden did an interview with RadarOnline, so we don’t have to keep wondering.

Courtney addresses a few topics:


"I’m very single right now… I just started [dating]."

Though her circumstances are rarer than most, Courtney’s not the only 22-year-old who’s only just starting her dating life.

Most weren’t married, though.

"I was just in a six-year long marriage so I’m not necessarily interested in completely jumping into something serious."

Good. She needs to live her life, you know?

We don’t know if "stay in a bunch of hotels before you rent an apartment; rent several apartments before you buy a house" is a popular saying or something that we just made up, but we’d stand by it as good advice (for most people, not all).

And the last thing that you need after a six-year marriage is another long-term relationship.

Courtney Stodden, Nearly Nude


Courtney shares that she is still in touch with Doug Hutchison because the two of them are business partners.

In fact, they have a mutual project that would keep them in touch regardless.

"We’re working on a new movie that we are both going to star in together."

That could be interesting. If they’re looking to reconcile, that might be the place to start that.

"Our relationship is really interesting to say the least because there are so many emotions. We are both heartbroken I guess and it’s hard to be in each other’s orbit because of that heartbreak."

That heartbreak may have less to do with their divorce and more to do with their tragic miscarriage.

"We’ve come so far together and for us to just choose to split and to still be collaborating on business, it makes for a kind of interesting dynamic."

She clearly still has a lot of affection for Doug.

"It’s still really fresh, really new, emotions are really very sensitive. He’s been there for me when nobody else was for six years. He’s been my rock and ultimately my family."

The divorce, it turns out, is still pending — Courtney hasn’t actually filed yet. Legally, they’re just separated.

(Some people spend years just being separated, folks)

Courtney Stodden in Rose Pink

Courtney also talks about her career — more music, a lingerie line, and she’s looking into television roles.

All of that is pretty exciting.

On Having Children:

"I love kids so much, but I think first thing first I need to discover who I am before inviting children into that situation."

That shows more wisdom than, honestly, most parents seem to possess.

Not just reality TV parents but, like, all parents.

She’s had so much personal growth recently. We can’t wait to see what she gets up to next.